Democrats Running Scared on Immigration

It’s no secret that Americans are angry about the situation at the border, and that Democrats have finally woken up to that fact. 

There are signs of panic everywhere, but the exclamation point was Biden’s (weak, almost fake) Executive Action taken to restrict entrants at the border.

It was more for show than to relieve the stress at the border or in the cities across America that have been flooded with unwelcome illegal migrants, but at least it was a rhetorical acknowledgment that the border crisis is a political problem for Dems. 

Jen Psaki was joking about the polls on immigration not so long ago, and Rachel Maddow made out that Virginia’s border with West Virginia was more troubling than the flood of criminal aliens entering the country and her state. 

West Virginians, after all, aren’t woke. Icky. 

Democrats are feeling the heat but aren’t really seeing the light. They are making noises to calm down the peasants, but they genuinely believe that illegal immigrants have a right to be here and that anybody who disagrees is a xenophobic bigot who is a White Supremacist. 

They don’t believe in countries, cultures, or sovereignty, and they reject the concepts. 

That’s not an exaggeration. It’s not hyperbole. It is a statement of fact. Rachel Maddow made clear that her contempt was for her fellow Americans, and her sympathies lie entirely with those invading our country. 

Because, in her eyes, it isn’t our country. 

For years, Democrats have been quite explicit about their agenda. Joe Biden weirdly asserted that illegal immigrants “built the country. This strikes me as implausible since they weren’t here to do, and are right now being provided free food and housing as they come in. 

That’s an odd definition of “build,” but this is the guy who gave us “Build Back Better,” which hasn’t exactly worked out that way so far. 

Biden’s love of illegal immigrants is being returned, and more than a few of us wonder how many of them will wind up on the voter rolls this fall. 

This, I am reliably informed, is a conspiracy theory, but the fact that there are nonprofits registering illegal aliens to vote isn’t. We know it is happening, although we are assured that since it is illegal to vote the people who entered the country illegally would never do it. 

Democrats fight hard to prevent any attempts to clean voter rolls, demand voter registration without identification or even asking if people are citizens (this question is not asked on federal registration forms), and Politifact assures us that no illegal aliens vote because…it is illegal for them to do so. 

Nobody ever does anything illegal, do they? 

No doubt the Democrats’ extremism on the border will hurt them at the polls, and they are worried enough to start talking tough. 

But rest assured, they won’t act tough. It is neither in their interests nor consistent with their ideology. 


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