FACEPALM: Joe Biden Says He Will Beat Trump 'Again in 2020'

When you think of President Joe Biden these days, who does he remind you of? You might invoke your impression of an elderly relative who is similarly struggling with cognitive issues. The less charitable among us might make a reference to Elmer Fudd or some other frequently befuddled character. But that’s not the view that Democratic Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia holds. While introducing Biden at a fundraiser earlier this week, Beyer compared the President to none other than Jesus Christ. This was a case of setting the bar very high, to say the least. But what is it about Joe Biden that reminds Beyer of the Savior so much? Apparently it’s his ability to endure hardship and suffering. A Beyer spokesperson later attempted to deny that his boss was drawing such a comparison, but a transcript of the remarks leaves little doubt as to what he was saying. (Free Beacon)

Embattled president Joe Biden has had a rough life, much like Jesus Christ, according to a House Democratic ally of the president.

Rep. Don Beyer (D., Va.) invoked the crucifixion of Jesus during introductory remarks at a McLean, Va., fundraiser, one of the president’s first appearances since a disastrous debate performance last week. “He died to demonstrate the universality of human suffering—that suffering was not the end,” Beyer said of Jesus. “We each endure tragedies in our lives and hardships and suffering.”

“But few had to endure more than this man,” Beyer said of Biden, according to a White House press pool recording of the event. “Losing his wife, losing his daughter, and losing his son. The vicissitudes of American politics.”

I had long believed that comparing anyone to Jesus Christ was something of a non-starter, but the rules have apparently changed in the 21st century. Such a comparison seems particularly inappropriate in this instance, however. I don’t claim to be a Biblical scholar of any sort, but I’ve read the New Testament a couple of times. I don’t recall Jesus being famous for telling blatant lies every time He addressed the masses. He was also famously opposed to persecuting His enemies. And He clearly wasn’t noted for being confused, inarticulate, or stumbling around aimlessly.

With that said, let’s give Beyer the benefit of the doubt for a moment and try to figure out precisely where he was finding these similarities. As noted above, he cited Jesus’s willingness to die on the cross as a symbol of the universality of human suffering. Fair enough, I suppose, but he then pivoted to cite the suffering that Joe Biden endured through the loss of his first wife, his daughter, and his son Beau. 

Losing a family member is indeed tragic and heartbreaking, so those experiences would clearly qualify as “suffering.” But Beyer felt compelled to take it a step further and invoke the “vicissitudes of American politics.” Neilia Biden died in a car crash in 1972 along with their one-year-old daughter Naomi. Their deaths were not found to be suspicious and the accident was not related to politics in any way. Similarly, Beau Biden died from brain cancer. (He was not “killed in the war” as Joe so often tries to claim.) His death was also completely unrelated to politics or his father’s political career.

So it is inarguably true that Joe Biden has endured some suffering over the course of his life. Losing a spouse and a baby daughter is a terrible thing for anyone to experience. But it is outrageous to suggest that “few had to endure more” than Joe Biden. Everyone loses family members at some point, often in horrible ways. How do you suppose the family of Jocelyn Nungaray is feeling right now? Joe Biden at least had a year here on Earth with his daughter. Far too many infants never even make it out of the premie ICU. I understand that Don Beyer accepted the task of pumping up our addled president for his fundraiser, but this was a very large bridge too far. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is no way to kick off a political event.

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