WATCH: NYPD Tears Down Palestinian Flag at CUNY and Hoists the Stars and Stripes and It Is Glorious

Could waving an American flag at an American university be considered controversial — let alone a protest? Ask Jeffrey Lax, a law professor at City University of New York, who has had a ringside seat to the pro-Hamas protests on the CUNY campus. In response to a fairly small demonstration, Lax decided to wave an American flag as a counter-protest.

Considering the temperature of campuses these days, the reaction was pretty mild — although the fence probably helped:

Lax posted a lengthier explanation of what happened a little later. Note what Lax says about the feedback he got from one of his colleagues — to “hide the American flag.” Lax wonders why they have a problem with the American flag, saying that it speaks volumes about what these protesters really want:

The Jerusalem Post picked up the story late yesterday, noting some of the reactions to Lax’s pro-American response to their protests. It’s not that they didn’t want the American flag intruding on their messaging, but that it appeared to have enraged the protesters more. According to Lax, they called it a “fascist symbol” and a “Nazi flag,” while calling for violence against Lax. After his counterprotest, activists in the Kingsborough Community College Muslim Student Association (which had organized the CUNY protest in the video) identified him and called for Lax to be targeted for protests — along with other “Zionist staff.”

As I wrote … the fence probably helped.

Lax has a pretty clear view of the endgame for these protests and tactics. Their real goal has much less to do with Gaza and the West Bank; their targets are much closer. This is all about The Revolution here, and the throwing down of the American flag on a permanent basis:

“I’m an American, and these people hate America,” said Lax. “I want to protect my country and stand up for my country.” …

THE DEMANDS called for the expulsion of the New York Police Department from all CUNY campuses, the end of all association with the CIA and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps-ROTC, the removal of all US symbols from campus, and rename buildings after figures like Black Liberation Army convicted murderer Assata Shakur. Lastly, the activists demanded free tuition and for CUNY not to be “beholden to Zionist and imperialist private donors.”

Lax said that the demands aspired toward undermining American institutions in the campus, city, and country. The reason that the protests often blocked bridges and arteries was to destroy American infrastructure and way of life.“They want America destroyed,” said the professor.

And … to a certain extent, they’re succeeding. In response to these protests and threats, CUNY caved to the mob. Citing the ever-popular “security concerns,” the school canceled a Hillel event commemorating Israel’s Memorial Day as well as another for celebration of Israel’s Independence Day:

A branch of the City University of New York canceled an event organized by Hillel this week marking Israel’s Memorial Day, citing an anti-Israel protest and security concerns.

The cancellation at Brooklyn’s Kingsborough Community College came following years of outspoken pro-Palestinian advocacy across the CUNY system that has ramped up since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, along with longstanding allegations by Jewish groups that its administrators do not do enough to protect Jewish students. And they occurred shortly before a group of pro-Palestinian activists staged an hours-long occupation of a CUNY building in Manhattan, even as the wave of pro-Palestinian encampments at other schools is dying down.  …

The Hillel at Baruch College, another branch of CUNY, also said its event for Israel’s Independence Day had been canceled. The school told the New York Jewish Week it had offered alternative locations for that event, but Hillel declined to accept them. Queens College’s Hillel, meanwhile, did host Memorial and Independence Day events without incident. 

Ah yes, security concerns. In other words, CUNY caved to the heckler’s veto and thus incentivized the hecklers to multiply. It’s almost as if the Biden administration’s insistence on offering concessions to terrorists and validating their tactics is setting an example. And oddly enough, Joe Biden is doing that on behalf of radicals who shout “Death to America” regularly, and mean it.

What I find most interesting about this is that I had to read about Jeffrey Lax in the Jerusalem Post rather than an American news outlet. They are literally the only news agency that bothered to pick up the story. And the NY Jewish Week is also literally the only news agency to report that CUNY canceled Hillel events under pressure from radical anti-Semites on campus. 

Ask yourselves this: Why wouldn’t American media at least report on the cancellations at CUNY? Or at least the New York media?

“Death to America” can take many forms. Sometimes it takes the form of violent action, but it can also take the form of insidious silence about terrorism and intimidation. The Protection Racket Media has downplayed the dangerous nature of these ‘protests’ since the beginning, both in acts of commission and in acts of omission such as these. 

If the establishment media has its way, The Revolution will not get scrutinized. 

This is why we need to ensure the survival of independent voices and platforms. Many of our readers have joined the fight as part of our VIP and VIP Gold membership, and they have been crucial to our operations as an independent platform and the ability to debate all of the issues honestly. We also produce some great exclusive content for our members.

I know we talk about this a lot, but as Jeffrey Lax says, the radical Left wants America destroyed. The media circles the wagons around these extremists in order to prevent people from noticing. We talk about this more often now because we see the coming crisis in media more clearly than ever. We hope we can gather as many allies as possible to keep all of these issues in the public square – and indeed to preserve the public square at all.

Ask Hillel about how well the public square is faring at CUNY.

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Addendum: In case anyone forgets about CUNY Law’s track record, don’t forget their commencement speech last year, in which the valedictorian excoriated CUNY, New York, and America for its “white supremacy” and Zionism. The school defended it on the basis of free speech, an irony likely not lost on Hillel, and not on us either.

I’ll try to reach out to Professor Lax to see if we can do an interview soon. 

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