COVID Emergency Policies Keep ICE From Detaining Migrants?! REALLY?!

It has been over a year since President Biden officially ended the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, but one California ICE detention facility is almost empty due to a judge’s ruling that requires extreme social distancing to protect inmates. 

There is an America that works, a Biden-dominated America, and then California. 

Red States, Blue States, and California, that is. 

The New York Post has the story, and it is as insane as you would expect. California judges are the government equivalent of Florida Man—so crazy that you have to laugh. 

Unless you live there, if you do, your taxes are being used to light bonfires to keep homeless people warm. 

Florida Man is funny because he is a danger mainly to himself, and in the most entertaining way; California judges are less funny because they present a danger to others.

As California’s border forces struggle to deal with the thousands of migrants illegally flooding into the US daily, one entire detention facility is being used to house just five people.

The well-equipped Adelanto ICE Processing Center, roughly 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, can hold up to 1,940 detainees but remains almost empty. Meanwhile, the San Diego border area to the south is completely overrun, with 37,000 illegal crossers apprehended in April alone.

The facility is still under a 2020 judge’s order blocking it from taking more detainees in response to a lawsuit over the spread of COVID-19.

The order allows detainees to maintain “a social distance of six feet from each other at all times” even though such rules have been discarded at detention facilities across the rest of the country.

Make it make sense! (Hint: it never, ever will).

As Charles Dickens says: the law is an ass…an idiot. Although this being an ICE detention facility, you have to include the Biden Administration in the phrase.

The Biden Administration is an ass. Yeah, that’s right. 

California is being flooded with illegal immigrants, many of whom are coming from adversary countries and many others have unsavory backgrounds. Yet they are being released into the community because there is supposedly no place to put them. 

Except for an empty detention facility, that is. 

“If the Biden administration was serious about using detention beds, it would ask for the COVID-era court order at Adelanto to be lifted,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office director John Fabbricatore told The Post.

“This situation is nearing a boiling point, as we keep allowing individuals from hostile nations to enter the United States unchecked,” he added.

How hard could it be for the federal government to petition for an end to this absurd policy? 

Hard enough, I suppose, when you put all your focus on prosecuting Donald Trump, investigating Catholics and parents, and working to trans every kid ever born. 

There is only so much time in the day, you know. You have to prioritize, you know.

We keep being told that Joe Biden has done more to secure the border than any previous president; this is as credible as anything else Karine Jean-Pierre has ever said, so it must be true. 

But somehow, this small item has fallen through the cracks. 

Federal sources have explained to The Post how when border sectors are overwhelmed — like San Diego, which had roughly 1,500 more migrants in custody than it has space for as of Wednesday, per sources — migrants have to be processed more quickly and are less closely scrutinized.

That means the ability to send people on to ICE for further evaluation is crucial.

“[The administration’s] inaction has resulted in the release of Special Interest Aliens — individuals from countries with adversarial positions towards the United States — into American communities rather than detaining them per usual protocol,” Fabbricatore added.

Recent border blunders have included releasing a known Somali terrorist and a Colombian fugitive wanted for murder into the US. Both cases were only admitted once the individuals had been reapprehended by federal authorities.

There is a bit of good news, though, amidst all the bad: “Adelanto ICE facility is the only remaining correctional facility with an absolute intake prohibition due to COVID-19.” 

Despite only holding five illegal aliens in custody, we are spending enough to house 640 there, making this almost as efficient as your average homeless program. 

The Biden administration was set to close the Adelanto facility in December, but ICE launched a 60-day evaluation of the detention center, followed by another 120 days to provide “additional time for potential relief from ongoing litigation that prevents full use of the facility,” Fox News reported in January.

If I keep reading the news daily, I think I will go insane. Does it really take this long to do something as obvious as open the damn thing up?

Yes, yes it does. And the process is still ongoing. 

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