Cosmetic Dermatologist Tells Us Justin Timberlake's Mugshot Backs The Plastic Surgery Rumors

Social media users aren’t the only ones who think Justin Timberlake had cosmetic procedures done to his face. Dr. Mariano Busso believes he had a nose job — and a really good one at that. “Although I am not his doctor, it is evident that he had a surgical rhinoplasty. It is very natural, it doesn’t stand out. His nose blends nicely with the rest of his face,” he told Nicki Swift. When comparing an old photo to Timberlake’s mugshot, Busso also saw evidence of work to improve the appearance of his skin.

“At age 43 you will expect some facial volume loss as well as [wrinkling]. The fact that we can’t see any of these signs is suggestive that he has some minor work done (Botox and fillers),” he said. But Busso also pointed out Timberlake likely has a lot of credit for the health of his skin. The pop star has few to no spots and also lacks noticeable wrinkles, suggesting he has done a good job of avoiding unnecessary sun exposure. “He’s aged very well since his days in NSYNC,” he said.

While Timberlake hasn’t addressed his skincare routine publicly, he is known for frequenting the Ole Henriksen Spa in West Hollywood. The famed Danish skin cosmetician revealed Timberlake is loyal to his Walnut Complexion Scrub, which is rubbed on the skin on top of sesame oil. “Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake are fans,” Henriksen told British GQ. 

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