Colorado mom pounces on Peeping Tom who filmed her in mall dressing room: ‘Not OK what you did’

A Colorado woman took matters into her own hands last week when she caught a Peeping Tom slipping a cellphone beneath her dressing room door.

Michelle Chandler pounced on the creep and held him down on the floor of a Lakewood shopping mall department store.

Video shows the mom of five sitting on top of the stranger as he desperately tries to flee.

Michelle Chandler pounced on a Peeping Tom after catching him filming her in a Colorado dressing room. KDVR

She eventually used her knee to hold the man down as store associates piled on, keeping him steady until mall security arrived and put the Peeping Tom in cuffs.

The team even used a belt to restrain the sicko, she said.

“You need to be held accountable,” Chandler recalled telling the creep in an interview with Fox 31.

“It’s not OK what you did.”

The terrifying incident happened as Chandler was trying on Mother’s Day outfits, a happy occasion that was quickly turned sour by the stranger’s antics.

Chandler did not hesitate to jump on the Peeping Tom out of fear he would escape without punishment. FOX 31/KDVR

She received her first inkling that something was amiss when a pungent smell hit her nostrils inside the gender-neutral dressing room.

“Funny thing, I noticed someone’s feet stinks really bad,” Chandler said.

“As I went to take these pants off,” she added, pointing to the jeans she was wearing. “I bent down, looked over, and I saw men’s shoes, socks and his phone pointing right at me.”

Store associates helped Chandler hold down the creep until security arrived. FOX 31/KDVR

Chandler jumped into action without hesitation — she said she couldn’t risk the thought of him escaping and committing the act again.

“I grabbed him, threw him down on the ground, put my knee in his back and held his head down,” she said.

Chandler said the suspect was a 19-year-old man, but did not name him.

The Lakewood Police Department confirmed it was involved in the disturbing incident, but did not mention what charges, if any, were brought against the Peeping Tom.

“Sadly this is legit,” a police spokesperson told FOX31.

The incident comes just weeks after a pervert was caught sliding his phone under an unsuspecting North Carolina Target shopper to film an “upskirt” video.

Thomas Elliott, 21, a volunteer at a local elementary school, desperately tried to deny committing the devious act.

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