Why Did Hamas Attack Israel?

Saham David Ahmed Ali delivered the commencement speech at the Mailman School of Public Health at Colombia University on Tuesday. As she was ripping the school with an anti-Israel rant, her mic went out. 

It was a brief interruption. She was able to finish her speech. Her rant was against the university’s stance in the Israel-Hamas war. She is a useful idiot for Hamas. 

As she ranted on about the university and the war in Gaza, her mic had a glitch. It cut out and went in and out at the start of her speech. It completely cut out briefly and the crowd of students booed. 

Colombia canceled its main graduation ceremony because it caved to the chaos created by pro-Hamas protesters. Instead of clearing out the protesters and providing enough security to protect all students, the main graduation was canceled. Unbelievable. The inmates are running the asylum. Parents paid an exorbitant amount of money for their child’s education and now they don’t get to enjoy seeing him or her receive a diploma. 

Ali said she thought it was “dystopian’ to attend lases while “witness[ing] the genocide of the Palestinian people.” She has taken down her social media since the speech. It’s all fun and games until the blowback begins.

The lie about the genocide of the people in Gaza is so outrageous that it is lunacy. The genocide happened on October 7, 2023. Hamas is responsible for genocide, not Israel. The loss of life in Israel on that day was the largest loss since the Holocaust. The U.N. has revised its tally of the total deaths of women and children. The numbers provided by Hamas are propaganda, not truth. No one should believe a word (or number) that comes from Hamas. 

‘The silence on this campus and the pressure to say nothing while administration and professors assert that ‘we’re here for you’ while we’re actively witnessing the most televised genocide of our lives made me lose hope,’ she claimed.

‘The mass graves outside Al-Shifa hospital found while we sat in our classrooms and learned about learning about-,’ she said as her microphone suddenly stopped working.

It’s been determined that Hamas was using the hospital to store weapons and as a place to plan and organize its actions. Hamas uses innocent Gazans as human shields. 

It is unclear if the mic glitches were intentional or not. The university has not commented. Ironically, a graduate who spews such hatred during a commencement speech is one who was allowed to speak at a smaller school’s commencement ceremony within the university. Too bad she wasn’t canceled along with the main commencement. 

Does she realize if she was in Gaza, she would not be allowed to make a speech in public because she is a woman? Islamic fanatics deny women education. Does Miss Ali know that? 

She was able to finish her speech and voice her hatred for her Ivy League school, Poisoned Ivy as we refer to them. 

Others acted badly, too. 

Despite the school-wide commencement ceremony being canceled, Columbia students continued to make it a point to express their dissatisfaction with the university over graduation weekend.

In an effort to protest the academic institution and the Israel-Hamas war, students donned handcuffs, displayed Palestinian flags and tore up diplomas during a graduation ceremony at embattled Columbia University

Despite the controversy, some students maintained the fighting spirit. One social work graduate crossed the stage with hands zip-tied above her head as cheers sounded from the audience.

As a livestream of the event rolled, she turned to the crowd and ripped up her diploma.

What a clown show. What a disgrace. It’s hard to tell by media coverage but these brainwashed malcontents are a minority on college campuses. They are infiltrated by professional agitators who cause violence. The protests and the infiltrators are funded by Democrat dark money groups. 

These are dangerous times. The demonstrations on campuses and in city streets, along with a wide open border that allows potential terrorists and known criminals into our country is a deadly combination. This is Biden’s America. 

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