CNN Throws in the Towel on NY Trump Case

Michael Cohen is making it up. He is a liar. Not just in the past but right here, right now, on the stand. He is committing perjury so obvious that it’s laughable for anyone to believe him. 

Donald Trump supporters already knew that. Most Independents suspected it. 

But this is CNN. 

Only George Conway and the hosts at MSNBC still believe that Donald Trump is guilty. Perhaps even they don’t believe it, although they would never admit it. 

Anderson Cooper is no fan of Donald Trump. That is being kind. He hates Trump with the burning heat of the sun. But Cooper got on TV to say that Michael Cohen is clearly making it up as he is going along, and clearly so. He can’t keep his story straight. 

Cohen is getting trashed on the network. George Conway, Kellyanne’s former husband and Trump hater, still thinks Cohen is a stand-up guy who would never lie on the stand about Trump, even though he lied to courts, congress, his attorney, and everybody else in the world, was willing to beclown himself. 

But honestly, it was laughable, and he was laughed at on national TV. On CNN. 

What is hilarious about all this is that Alvin Bragg’s case comes down to Cohen, to the extent that it comes down to anything at all. Bragg has yet to articulate an underlying crime that justifies these charges–without a predicate crime even falsifying business documents wouldn’t be prosecutable, and it’s a stretch to argue that reimbursing his lawyer even for hush money is a falsification. 

But Cohen is a terrible witness. He has so many strikes against him that you would be more inclined to believe a beggar outside a liquor store that the money he is asking for is meant to buy some food or bus fare. 

None of this is to say that Bragg will lose his case because that assumes the jury didn’t walk into the courtroom on Day 1 intending to convict Trump out of spite.

Not knowing the jurors, I refuse to assume that before I see the verdict. Almost all of them are Biden voters, but that doesn’t mean they are conscience-free. Even Democrats have consciences. See Anderson Cooper’s admission that Cohen is a pathological liar, even though he shares Cohen’s hatred of Trump. 

But it’s hard to maintain that Trump committed the 9,783 felonies (hyperbole, much?) he is accused of when the star witness is a proven perjuror who just obviously lied to the jury after having lied to everybody else. 

Think about it: Joe Biden and the Democrats have put all their chips on this man’s credibility. How pathetic is that?

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