Democrat Donor Confirms What We've Long Suspected About Joe Biden

Joe Biden Is the Kindest, Bravest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Being I’ve Ever Known in My Life.

He is also “sharp as a tack.”

Not anymore, for either of those things. As Joe Biden has been threatening Mutual Assured Destruction (damn, Ed beat me to writing that post, but I am stealing it!), threatening Democrats with the complete implosion of his political party if they try to push him out–the Narrative about Biden in the mainstream media is going to change and likely change quickly. 

The media wants Biden out, and if Chuck Todd’s podcast is any indication, they are less afraid to go nuclear on Biden than his Democrat colleagues in Congress.

Todd isn’t holding back–at least not that much. No doubt he can take it up a notch or three, but this shot didn’t go across the bow–it hit the bow of Biden’s boat. 

Anybody with a brain has known that Biden is not the kind, decent, compassionate and honest person we keep being told he is. “Scranton Joe” has always been a media creation, and Todd is making it clear that the Scranton Joe image can be removed at a moment’s notice if the media chooses to do so. 

Just as we have seen massive data dumps about Biden’s decline, with White House officials, donors, journalists, and opinion writers now leaking stories about how Biden has been declining for years, we soon could be treated to stories about how Biden really is an influence-peddling pedo who treats people badly and cares about nobody but himself. 

As Todd put it, “The entire narrative on Joe Biden is gonna change, in that everything’s always been about his ambition and his ambition comes first.”

BOOM. As I said, shot into the bow and a threat to target the ammunition magazine next. 

The stories about the decline are already devastating–and totally contradict the narrative we were fed until 2 weeks ago. People trying to displace Biden have signaled a willingness to turn on a dime in an attempt to save their political party. 

Look at how George Clooney, who is still sweet-talking Biden, put it:

It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate. 

“He’s not even the Joe Biden of 2020,” making it clear that even THAT Joe Biden wasn’t the same guy as 2010. This is from the man who just organized the biggest fundraiser for a candidate in history–less than a MONTH ago. 

That is turning on a dime. 

Clooney may still be proclaiming his love for Biden, but the signal has gone out from Chuck Todd that the media may start playing hardball. 

Another indication that the pressure is being turned up to 11 is the fact that, as Heather MacDonald at City Journal pointed out, The New York Times is suddenly fact-checking Biden and emphasizing his verbal stumbles in their news stories. 

To measure the terror now gripping the mainstream media in the wake of the Biden–Trump debate, consider this: the New York Times is now fact-checking Joe Biden in favor of Donald Trump.

Monday’s print edition of the Times contains an article titled “In ABC Interview, Exaggerations about Polling and Trump.” The article applies a level of scrutiny to Biden’s Friday interview with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos that is nearly unprecedented toward a Democratic candidate.

The Times now quotes Biden verbatim, with the clear intention of putting his verbal shuffles on full display:

Biden: “After that debate, . . . I did events in—in—in Georgia, did events like this today, large crowds, overwhelming response, no—no—no slipping.”

So remorseless is the Times toward Biden’s speech stumbles that it even records a missing syllable:

“The New York Times had me behind before anything having to do with this race—had me hind—behind 10 points.”

Factual errors that before would have been allowed to pass unnoticed are now harvested and amplified:

Before the interview on Friday, Mr. Biden said of Mr. Trump at a rally in Wisconsin that he would “beat him again in 2020.” At a Fourth of July barbecue with military members and their families, Mr. Biden referred to Mr. Trump as “one of our former colleagues” before correcting himself. And at a fund-raising reception in East Hampton, New York, he confused Italy and France when referring to the location of a veterans’ cemetery he recently visited.

The Times engages in a flurry of poll slicing and dicing to discredit what it calls Biden’s “exaggerated” and “misleading” claims about his secure standing in public opinion.

But it is Biden’s invocation of a classic anti-Trump meme that incurs the most surreal of all Times responses. Biden had said during the Stephanopoulos interview: “This is a guy who told us to put bleach in our arms to deal with Covid, with a million—over a million people died.”

The Times is withering. Exaggerated! it proclaims. Trump did not “instruct people to inject bleach but suggested that doing so with a disinfectant was an ‘interesting’ concept to test out.” The Times notes the context for Trump’s alleged bleach-injection instruction: in April 2020, a member of the federal coronavirus task force had reported on ongoing experiments regarding the use of light and disinfectants to kill the virus. Trump then speculated, as the paper reports:

Yikes! The New York Times is–for the first time, I think–admitting that the “inject bleach” meme is a hoax. 

A hoax! They even defend Donald Trump over Joe Biden. Now THAT is a Narrative switch of epic proportions. 

The Times’s current distinction between suggesting that a concept be tested and suggesting that a concept be implemented was missing in its contemporaneous coverage in 2020. The paper ran thousands of words implying that Trump had likely triggered a public health emergency of MAGA bleach drinkers.

Will it work to get Biden out of the race? It’s possible but doubtful. Biden is, as Todd put it, “everything’s always been about his ambition and his ambition comes first.”

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