Chappell Roan Makes Jimmy Fallon Cover His Face In Embarrassment On ‘The Tonight Show’: “Did You Not Know Who I Was Before?”

Chappell Roan‘s career has recently exploded, and with such success comes one thing: an inevitable late night interview, in this case with Jimmy Fallon.

The interview, which took place Thursday (June 20) on The Tonight Show, started off cool, calm and collected, with the two tossing light jokes back and forth, talking about Roan’s early career and her recent viral appearance at Governor’s Ball in New York City, where she performed dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

It was all smooth sailing until Fallon admitted to Googling Roan before she appeared on his show.

“I Googled you today just to see what pops up,” Fallon said.

“Did you not know who I was before?” Roan quickly shot back.

Fallon, clearly flustered, had a reaction similar to his iconic face from RuPaul‘s appearance years ago, which has remained popular on TikTok and X.

The audience cheered as Fallon held his head in his hands for a minute.

“I can sing, I can do all of your hand [movements],” Fallon promised, as he referenced Roan’s beloved “Hot To Go!” arm movements, which her fans practice along to her Billboard Hot 100 song.

Chappell Roan and Jimmy Fallon
Photo: YouTube/The Tonight Show

“But no, I just Googled you to see what popped up,” Fallon clarified.

Roan, without missing a beat, quipped back, “Well, I Googled you too. You wanna know what popped up?”

Fallon replied, “I don’t want to know what pops up,” as the pair laughed together.

The two went on to talk about Roan being described as “your favorite artist’s favorite artist,” which just so happens to pop up under the “did you mean” bar on Google when you search Roan.

Of course, Roan’s fans love her music, but also adore the star for her cheeky demeanor and fearless way of calling people out.

“She has him scared on the edge of his seat I’m crying,” one commenter said under The Tonight Show‘s YouTube post.

“I’ve never seen Jimmy so on his toes like this before she was a lot for him but I think he loved it,” another user commented.

Chappell ended the evening by performing live on The Tonight Show, and the two seem to be on good terms.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at  11:35/10:35c on NBC. Watch Roan’s exchange with Fallon in the video above.

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