An elderly cat has remarkably been found alive and well after being missing around Melbourne Airport for 10 days in freezing conditions.

An airport worker found Buggsy the cat hiding down a muddy drain near Terminal 2 at the airport late on Tuesday afternoon, leading to the pet being reunited with her owners last night.

The much-loved cat had gone missing at the airport on July 23, with her distressed owners unable to find her.

Buggsy the cat was found in a drain at Melbourne Airport. (Facebook)

Their daughter took to Facebook to explain the situation and plead for help to find the pet.

She posted that Buggsy had sneakily “decided to hitch a ride” in the car with her 72-year-old dad when he drove from their home in Bendigo to pick up her mum at the airport.

She said that when the couple opened the car door on Level 1 of the carpark, Buggsy had “a little freak out” and bolted.

“The spent a great deal of time at 1am and the age of 72 trying to find her with no luck and returned home to Bendigo distraught,” the daughter explained.

Buggsy the cat was found in a drain at Melbourne Airport. (Facebook)
Buggsy is happily back at home. (Nine)

The airport worker who discovered Buggsy posted about his find on Facebook, leading to him being connected with her owners.

Thousands of animal-lovers have celebrated the happy ending on Facebook, with many sharing how concerned they had been for the cat and her owners.

“This is the best news, so happy for the owners,” one woman shared.

“I am so happy to hear that Buggsy is safe. I’ve been worrying about him and wishing I lived near the airport so I could help look,” another posted.

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