Carlos & Alexa PenaVega's Link Up With GAC Has Hallmark Fans Up In Arms

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are thrilled about their new chapter with Great American Family. “We are so excited about ‘Love at the Kettle’ because it represents everything Carlos and I love about Christmas and the holiday season,” shared the couple with Variety. “We want to be a light in this industry and to offer families positive, uplifting and faith-filled stories.” They’ve also both posted screenshots of the Variety article to Instagram. Unfortunately, the PenaVegas’ Hallmark fans aren’t feeling quite as jovial as the happy couple. Shortly after promoting their Christmas flick, Hallmark fans expressed their confusion.

“Can’t wait! I’m genuinely curious: I thought they signed a multi project deal with hallmark. Are they allowed to do projects with you as well?,” wrote one fan, referring to their 2022 multi-picture deal with Hallmark Media. “Sad to see you guys leave Hallmark, but to [each his] own. Your new tv channel network is not my cup of tea. But good luck to you both,” wrote a fan underneath a post promoting “Mr. Manhattan.” Another commented, “Wait! No more Hallmark? Ugh.” Meanwhile, Facebook users are also feeling quite conflicted about the PenaVegas’ career pivot, evidenced by their lengthy discussion on the matter. “I personally don’t care to watch any of the stars who have left Hallmark for anyone else, especially when Hallmark has treated them so well,” a commenter said.

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