Over 60 Studies Show No Mental Health Benefits from Transgender Treatments

In a victory for parental rights, a father reportedly just won a custody battle so he can ensure his son isn’t raised to consider himself “nonbinary”.

Parental rights are currently in serious danger in America thanks to radical transgender ideology. Too often now, it seems as if children gender-transitioned behind their parents’ backs — for instance, as PJ Media exclusively reported, in Alaska school districts — or the one parent who is woke wins custody. Not so in this case, as Harrison Tinsley won full custody of his son Sawyer and can now prevent the mother’s LGBTQ indoctrination of Sawyer. Some sanity in the culture war, and in California, no less!

Gays Against Groomers (GAG) shared the good news about Tinsley and his son in a July 9 Twitter/X post. “Huge update to this story! California father Harrison Tinsley has WON FULL CUSTODY of his son, ensuring his right to raise his child in a stable environment free from ideological pressures. At Gays Against Groomers, we stand for the rights of parents to protect their children’s well-being,” the group celebrated.

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The legal victory is especially significant in a Democrat-run state. “California has emerged as a critical battleground for parental rights. Harrison’s win is a significant milestone, signaling a positive shift towards recognizing the rights of parents in shaping their children’s futures,” GAG added. Hopefully more victories are ahead for other concerned parents fighting for their children’s welfare.

Other parents haven’t been so fortunate. A New York father lost custody of his son because he opposed the mother’s determination to pretend her son was transitioning to be a girl (against the little boy’s own wishes). A Catholic couple in Indiana lost custody of their son for opposing his “gender transition.” Tinsley’s victory is a sign of hope.

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GAG linked to a Daily Signal story from last November about the Tinsleys’ case, summing up the main facts and why the custody battle was so vital for Sawyer.

Harrison Tinsley’s son, Sawyer, will turn 4 in December. He likes to play hockey and football with his dad and also enjoys singing. According to his father, Sawyer is a happy little boy, but the child’s mother is attempting to raise him not as a boy, or as a girl, but nonbinary. 

Tinsley has seen photos of his son in dresses on social media, and Sawyer told his dad that when his mother took him to Disneyland, “she wouldn’t let him go on the rides unless he wore princess shoes.” 

Tinsley is concerned for his son’s well-being and is seeking full legal and physical custody of Sawyer, and arguing that his son should be treated as a male. 

And, praise God, according to GAG, Tinsley did win custody of Sawyer. Now, instead of being brainwashed into believing unscientific gender propaganda long before he is able to make his own decisions, Sawyer can be raised as a normal little boy and not a deluded “nonbinary” on the path to depression and bodily harm.

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