Bunnie Xo's Life Was Never The Same After Marrying Jelly Roll

In May 2019, Bunnie shared a vlog about her busy day as a mom and wife and wrapped up the video with a sneak peek of her first podcast episode. “I’m recording this first podcast at my dining room table with my camera on top of a ziplock box,” she shared with a smile. A month later, she dropped the 30-minute pilot, “From Threesomes to Babies, Welcome to the Dumb Blonde Podcast,” and reached #17 on Apple Music for Fashion & Beauty.

Eventually, Bunnie would move from the dining table to a studio with a sparkly backdrop and a neon “Dumb Blonde” sign. Months after she started her weekly show, she reached 97,000 downloads, “That’s not including plays,” she wrote on Facebook. “Do you know how hard it is to get someone to download a podcast to their phone?!” Seven seasons later, the podcast’s Instagram has over 260,000 followers, 6,000 reviews on Spotify, and, according to Crossover Media Group, over 1 million monthly downloads. She’s interviewed the likes of makeup mogul Jeffree Star, former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft (formerly known as Tyler Reks), and rapper Mod Sun.

“Dumb Blonde” often covers more risqué topics, but personal family issues are sometimes addressed. She’s had Bailee Ann as a guest to address struggles with her birth mother and mental health and, of course, her husband Jelly Roll to talk sex, hardship, and relationships.

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