California Looks to Ban 'Clear' Service

Boston’s Logan Airport is one of the busier American facilities, handling large crowds of travelers on any given day for both regional and long-distance flight service. But now it’s even more crowded than usual and it’s not because of a sudden surge in summer vacation travel. Having apparently run out of other places to store them, illegal migrants have been setting up camp inside the airport. There were a few dozen of them there previously, but now the New York Post is reporting that the number has surged to more than one hundred. And they continue to arrive. Anyone still attempting to claim that Joe Biden “fixed” the border crisis with his recent executive order might want to stop by Logan for a harsh dose of reality. 

The number of migrants being sheltered at Boston Logan Airport appears to have increased, with throngs of families lining a baggage claim surrounded by suitcases and using sparse blankets for makeshift mattresses.

Over a hundred migrants are currently spending their nights sleeping on the floor at the Boston airport, The Post’s new photos show — an apparent uptick in recent weeks from the dozens who were being housed there a few months ago.

“We continue to see migrants at the airport. They come to Logan a number of ways. They also arrive at Logan at all hours,” a representative from MassPort previously told Boston 25 News when the numbers of migrants behind housed at Logan spiked.

This is becoming an increasingly expensive situation for Boston to deal with. There are no facilities to feed and provide care for all of those migrants at the airport, so they are loaded up and bussed to state “welcome centers” each day for meals and medical care before being brought back to Logan to spend the night. They are sleeping on or under blankets in the terminal and sanitation is a constant concern. As usual, the taxpayers are footing the bill for all of this care.

Logan isn’t the only airport where this is happening. Airports have been being used as shelters in San Diego, Chicago, El Paso, and other cities. While most of the migrants probably keep to themselves, there have been reports of thefts and harassment involving legitimate air travelers. This situation shouldn’t be tolerated, nor should it be normalized. Air travel can be traumatic enough these days with long lines at TSA, delayed or canceled flights, lost luggage, and all the rest. And God help you if you wind up on a Boeing 737 Max because you might be in for a wild adventure.

Making matters worse, the migrants don’t always remain at the airport where you first encounter them. Sometimes they are loaded up on flights and shuffled around without the government ever notifying the public. You may recall an incident from last year when conservative commentator Ashley St. Clair was flying from Phoenix to New York City. She wound up getting one of the few seats available on her flight, with all the rest being taken up by migrants being shipped to the Big Apple. When she attempted to ask a flight attendant about it she was basically told to mind her own business.

This situation is not the fault of air travelers or even the airlines. It was caused entirely by the federal government, specifically the Biden administration. They should be the ones fixing this. Airports are not migrant shelters and illegal aliens shouldn’t be taking up space on planes unless the planes in question are taking them back to their home countries. Most of these migrants have never been fully vetted and they typically haven’t been vaccinated or received medical screening. There are significant safety considerations involved. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect the Biden administration to come riding to the rescue at this stage of the game. Sadly, this White House prioritizes the lives of the migrants ahead of the lives of citizens, including the traveling public. 

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