Body Language Expert Tells Us If Barron Trump Is Comfortable In The Public Eye

While Barron Trump often looked uncomfortable during Donald Trump’s January 2017 inauguration, there were some signs that he had either been taught how to interact with a crowd or had learned the art of acknowledging acclamation by observing his family members. During the inaugural parade, he imitated his mother, Melania Trump, by waving to the crowd with his hand held up high. But unlike Melania, he wasn’t smiling, and his arm was rigid, whereas hers was bent in a position that looked more casual and comfortable. “He appears to be performing his role rather than relaxing into it and this is evidenced by the fact that his face and jaw are tight, with a blank expression on his face, as he’s raising his hand into the air,” Nicole Moore told us.

Photos showed that many of the stands along the parade route were nearly empty on the dreary, overcast day, so at least Barron didn’t have to worry about loud crowds making the experience more overwhelming. But perhaps the gloomy atmosphere was getting to him. “Barron’s body language here seems to be indicating that he’s going through the motions and doing what he’s supposed to do, but he’s not enjoying it,” said Moore.

Barron appeared to be in a better mood later that day. While Donald was filmed signing his Cabinet nominations, Barron proved he was a pro at ignoring cameras by playing peek-a-boo with Ivanka Trump’s son, Theodore.

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