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Blind dog has a ‘seeing-eye’ cat, who guides him with meows

This blind dog has found his ‘seeing-eye’ cat.

Robin Wagner adopted Blaze, a German shepherd mix, in 2019. At his first check-up, vets said Blaze was blind in one eye and would eventually become blind in the other over time, according to South West News Service.

Although surgery was recommended, Blaze went fully blind in October 2020 and had his right eye removed that December..

“Blaze going blind caused a huge regression in his social anxiety. He became very anxious and reactive,” Wagner told SWNS.

“We had to do a lot of work with trainers to help him gain his confidence back.” 

The dog quickly became friends with a cat named Satin — despite the cat getting stepped on a lot because Blaze couldn’t see.

A dog and a cat playing
Satin will meow to help Blaze avoid running into things around the house.
Robin Wagner / SWNS

“Satin enjoys rubbing herself against his long legs, much like a cat does against a table or chair. Once Blaze totally lost vision though, she was getting stepped on a lot,” Wagner said.

She recalled a specific incident when both the animals liked to lay in her bed together, and Satin would run away when she heard Blaze coming to avoid getting trampled.

Then Satin learned a trick: she meowed to let Blaze know she was there and the pooch would avoid stomping all over her. Eventually, she used this move to help Blaze from running into walls or furniture.

“Every time he’d be walking towards her, she would meow. She would meow and he would stop and redirect himself,” Wagner explained.

She says that this has caused the pair to grow closer.

“While she isn’t the most affectionate and cuddliest of cats with us, she for sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it’s the most beautiful thing to see.”