President Empathy has no comment on Maui

In 2020, it was widely believed that Joe Biden was a Trojan Horse candidate. He was perceived as the most electable Democrat in the clown car that was the 2020 primaries, and it was widely expected that his running mate would be the one who would ultimately take the reins. Biden would serve a nominal amount of time in the Oval Office before resigning over health concerns.

But he picked Kamala Harris as his Veep, and it quickly became clear that she had as much business being a heartbeat away from the presidency as a drive-thru cashier at McDonald’s. Democrat insiders certainly figured out that the last thing they’d want is to be saddled with Kamala Harris as their candidate in 2024, and so Joe Biden has remained in the White House despite giving us ample reasons to put him in a nursing home instead. Yet earlier this year, he announced his intention to run again.

Meanwhile, it’s become increasingly difficult for the White House to cover up Biden’s physical and mental inadequacies. He’s spent roughly 40% of his presidency on vacation, out of the public eye, and his public events have been rather limited. Contrary to President Trump’s regular press conferences before a hostile media, Biden’s appearances are fewer and further between, and he’s only done a small handful of softball interviews. His moments before the press are heavily scripted and when he goes off script, Biden tends to cause huge messes that leave the White House staff scrambling to clean up.

Hence the reason why Joe Biden’s handlers felt it was politically safer to have him out of sight for the anniversary of 9/11 than to give him a high-profile speech in New York, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. Based on his performance in Vietnam over the weekend, it all makes sense. During a press conference, Biden went off script, making a cringeworthy “Good Evening, Vietnam” joke, then quipping that he’s “just following orders, here” before appearing lost at the podium.

Eventually, he announced that he was “going to go to bed,” and then continued to ramble a bit before an aide finally put the whole affair out of its misery.

Exclusively for our VIPs: The Democrats Screwed Themselves With the Bidens, and They Know It

We are more than a year away from the 2024 presidential election. If you really think that Joe Biden is well, you are not paying attention. Yes, the perks of the presidency are a powerful drug that’s hard to give up. But even Biden can’t possibly believe he has what it takes to make it through another campaign, let alone another term. He’s not getting better, and he can’t hide forever. At this point, the longer he stays in the race, the worse it will be for any Democrat hoping to take his place.

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