Why Democrats Can’t Cancel Joe Biden

Guess what is not going to work to help Joe Biden recover from his tailspin?

Well, anything and everything, of course, but apparently the Biden-Harris death march has chosen a battlefield to die on: Russia. 

This reminds me of one of the most famous infographics of all time–Charles Joseph Minard’s flow chart of Napoleon’s march to and from Russia in 1812, which plots the size of Napoleon’s army as it marches toward and back from Moscow. You can see how the army loses men, where the disasters happen, and the total decimation over time. 

What a disaster. 

Well, Biden has apparently decided to attack Donald Trump in Russia, metaphorically, staking his campaign on the accusation that Donald Trump is a Putin stooge. 

It’s an oldie but goodie, right? 

Russia Russia Russia. They really are going there, assuming that since it worked before, it must be good enough to work again. 

The problem, of course, is the same as trotting out the “grab ’em by the p**sy,” “convicted felon,” “inject bleach,” and all the other lines of attack the Democrats have chosen. People have heard the accusations, discounted them, decided they are either false or irrelevant, and have moved on. 

The only story that matters is Biden’s inability to speak coherent sentences, stay awake, stay upright, and make sound decisions. 

It’s as if the Democrats haven’t figured out that Donald Trump was president for four years, did a pretty good job until the extraordinary events of 2020, performed no worse with COVID than Joe Biden and arguably better, and the economy roared while he was president. 

Even foreign policy–Biden’s supposed strength–was MILES AND MILES better than under Biden. Arguably, Donald Trump was the best foreign policy president since Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush (who I argue was an exceptional foreign policy president). 

Joe Biden’s only hope for victory this fall is massive cheating–cheating so big that not even the mainstream media could successfully hide it. And it’s not like the Democrats are willing to go there–they would cheat to save salvageable campaigns in the House and Senate, but they see Biden is toast. 

Or pudding. Pudding for brains. 

Obama has put the hit on Biden, although we have no idea whether the shots taken will do more than wound Biden. He might survive until November. But his presidency is done. 

Until Biden is out of the race, this race is about nothing but Biden. Even Donald Trump knows that and is happy to play along. He takes potshots using humor and occasionally on policy, but Biden is the topic of conversation. It is just barely conceivable that the Republican Convention next week might produce some big new for a day or two–the Vice President pick will–but then Biden is back at the center of attention. 

So, we will be treated for one failed attempt to change the topic after another. Project 2025 hasn’t worked, although they will keep trying that, too. 

But people aren’t scared of Trump anymore, outside the Joy Reid/MSNBC crowd, and on The View. But those people are irrelevant because they are the base, not the swing voters. 

And swing voters will have to see Biden do handstands while doing quadratic equations to change their minds about Biden’s fitness. 

Biden can’t even sing the alphabet song anymore. 

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