Antifa Scum Attack Innocent Man Outside South Bend Drag Show for Kids for No Reason

It has been quite a while since our favorite band of miserable leftist malcontents called Antifa, which could not be a more ironic name given their propensity for harassing people and destroying businesses like Brownshirts, got up to no good, not including the pro-Hamas demonstrations we have seen since October 7.

Up in South Bend, Indiana, the LGBTQ Center was hosting its annual “Drag Show for Kids” (*retch*). Two of these miserable leftist malcontents who were “pulling security” for the venue decided to heroically take down an unidentified man.

Was he a Proud Boy protesting? A Nazi? A MAGA guy?

Nope, none of those things.

Literally just a guy walking by with his 18-year-old son, who was also attacked but did not require treatment. His father, the main victim, was hit on the head with a brass bell, hard enough to stay overnight in the hospital for six stitches and an MRI. 

Naturally, the cowards who attacked him for no apparent reason ran off, but Real News Michiana, which reported this story, was able to identify them as Troy Moss and Tonna Robinson.

And boy do they seem like lovely people. Robinson, the one who actually struck the victim, is a particular catch.

She is apparently the head honcho of Antifa in the area and a member of the Northern Indiana Atheists, a group which, despite their name, has Satanic holiday celebrations (including a gag-worthy event they held called “Menstruatin’ with Satan”).

Robinson also would perform “Deathscorts,” harassing pro-lifers outside abortion clinics while trying to prevent pregnant women from aborting their children, and took part in a pro-Hamas demonstration featuring a guy who said he was “happy” 1,200 innocent Jewish men, women, and children were horrifically raped, murdered, butchered, and immolated by Hamas on October 7.

Lovely person.

But since there is no angle through which the media can make Robinson and Moss look better since the guy they hospitalized wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat and had his kid with him and they attacked him unprovoked outside a drag show for children (and since he didn’t defend himself with a gun), Real News Michiana was the only site that covered this incident.

Even Libs of TikTok, which brought this story to my attention, only sourced Real News Michiana.

Still, if this whole thing does not convince you that the left is militant and impossible to compromise with, to the point these two scumbags attacked a guy walking by a “kid-friendly” drag show for no reason, I do not know what will.

After all, we have seen countless incidents of leftists getting away with pretty much anything, because leftist prosecutors know their own and protect them accordingly, up to the point that Vice President Kamala Harris was raising bail money for them, while pro-life grandmas are jailed for years for the crime of praying outside abortion clinics and one of the most popular presidents in recent history is being bogged down in kangaroo courts all in a bid to prevent him from returning to office.

I believe this is called “anarcho-tyranny.”

Anyway, make these people famous, PJ Media!

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