Another Classic DoD Equation: LAB-GROWN MEAT + US Troops = Captive Guinea Pigs Again

If you thought that the vicious and still ongoing backlash to the vaccine mandate would have given the Department of Defense pause for at least a little while before they started using American troops’ status as virtual indentured servants of the state for experimentation purposes, think a-frickin’-gain.

The Progressive Wokesters, who see the members of our military as one big lab rat colony, are here to tell you they’ve got a world to save, no time to do it, and might as well make use of available and basically rights-free subjects to see how it goes.

Right now the company growing this stuff in test tubes is marketing the proposal to the DoD not for chowhalls – the outcry would overwhelm the Pentagon – but to ostensibly feed those lucky sods who are already in remote outposts to reduce their “carbon footprint.”

Get it? And, mind you, the Pentagon is already footing the bill.

A Pentagon-funded company is seeking proposals to feed America’s soldiers lab-grown meat in a bid to “reduce the CO2 footprint” at Defense Department outposts.

BioMADE, a public-private company that has received more than $500 million in funding from the Defense Department, announced earlier this month that it is seeking proposals to develop “innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at … DoD operational environments,” according to an online announcement.

What does that even mean? If you’re stuck in one of those God-forsaken Schlitz-hole posts in, say, Syria, you get test-tube meat? Like your life doesn’t already suck so bad that they have to take what real food you can get away from you to reduce your desert foxhole carbon footprint? Or you’re running patrols out of Djibouti, so thanks for the test tube?


…”Innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at and/or transport to DoD operational environments are solicited,” the company says in an informational document and accompanying press release. “These could include, but are not limited to, production of nutrient-dense military rations via fermentation processes, utilizing one carbon molecule (C1) feedstocks for food production, and novel cell culture methods suitable for the production of cultivated meat/protein.

BioMADE is also soliciting proposals for “processes that convert greenhouse gasses” and “projects that develop bioproducts useful in mitigating the negative environmental impacts either regionally or globally,” including “bioproducts that can be used to prevent or slow coastal erosion.”

OMG, doesn’t that sound so yummy?


And hey, DoD who professes to so cherish the lives of Americans entrusted to it…until it has some weird flockin’ experiment to try out on their literally captive audience – no one wants this crap.

Alabama and Florida have passed bills banning the sale of these meats to the general public, and Iowa has prohibited its schools from purchasing the meats for school meals. Sens. Jon Tester, D-Mont., and Mike Rounds, R-S.D., have introduced a bipartisan bill to prohibit lab-grown meats in public school lunch programs.

The Center for the Environment and Welfare, an environmental policy research and advocacy firm, has decried the processes in which lab-grown meat is replicated as “cancer-like.” The assertion is a critique of the meat “technicians” mimicking the extremely rapid and unchecked mitosis, which forms cancerous tumors. Lab-grown muscle cells’ genetic code are modified to reproduce in the same unstable fashion. (That doesn’t mean that the cells used are taken from cancerous tumors—a common myth about the practice.)

And no one trusts you as far as they can throw you. Not with “Oh, it’s safe” promises, and sure as hell not with any BS “why we have to do this” you come up with. The moral authority and credibility of the DoD is shot.

Kinnett: If you actually take a look at this plan, it’s full of so many weird things and we could start all over the place, but I do want to ask if you noticed that in their rubric for how to get funding, that you not only had to prove you had, like you said, a lot of climate goals regarding this weird meat production through very weird cancerous-cell production—which we can talk about in just a second—but also necessitating that proposals must be diverse. Of course, a lot of weird [diversity, equity, and inclusion] goals right off the bat, talking about some kind of diversity makeup for these studies.

Just from your reading in the past with the [Department of Defense], what are they referring to here? What’s the diversity quota that needs to be met for the Department of Defense to shell out cash?

Hubbard: You know, to be frank, I’m not familiar with their diversity requirements, but that type of language is the tell.

And the tell is that this is a politically motivated, agenda-driven initiative that is not really being driven by the priorities that I think most Americans think that the Department of Defense should be driven by, right?

Kinnett: … Advancing the United States’ defense capabilities.

Hubbard: I mean, when you look at our armed forces, we have generations that have stood up the fiercest, most effective freedom fighting force the world has ever seen. We’ve literally liberated continents. We fought back evil. We protected the freedoms of Americans and our liberty. 

And now you have this politically driven agenda, which, as you mentioned, this document reeks of, that’s essentially saying, “Hey, we want to hand out up to millions of dollars to lab-grown meat companies so that we can develop this stuff.” Obviously, you know, connect the dots with the goal of feeding this to our troops. 

It’s another Green Grift scheme on the back of our military, taking funds they dearly, DEARLY need for their own training and housing right now. A lot could have been done with that $500+M we didn’t know we were wasting, and believe me, we are wasting it. It’s another cultist scam and it’s unconscionable to be stealing from our military for it.

…Recent studies, however, including one published by the University of California, Davis suggest that “lab-grown meat’s carbon footprint [is] potentially worse than retail beef.”

“If companies are having to purify growth media to pharmaceutical levels, it uses more resources, which then increases global warming potential,” according to the report’s lead author, Derrick Risner, a member of UC Davis’s Department of Food Science and Technology. “If this product continues to be produced using the ‘pharma’ approach, it’s going to be worse for the environment and more expensive than conventional beef production.”

This is where we need to be with your faux filets…

…not foisting them on American troops who can have no say in the matter and are not only affected by what they’re served but what they lose in quality of life because of the funding diverted from them to this lunacy.

This is just one more black mark against the revoltingly progressive, woke-obsessed, DEI-drenched disaster our Defense Department has become.

Good luck making those numbers, dudes.

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