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Alleged gunman tried to hide in KFC bin after shooting of former bikie

Warning: This story contains an image that some readers may find distressing.

Police have released new CCTV footage of two men of interest, who were seen to be purchasing petrol cans before the shooting in Fawkner on June 25.

Also known as the “The Punisher”, Abdulrahim was driving his luxury Mercedes in a funeral processional on Box Forest Road in Fawkner when a Mazda pulled up alongside it and someone open fired at his chest.

Police said the men purchased petrol from an Epping hardware store. (Victoria Police)
Sam Abdulrahim’s injuries after the attempt on his life. (Nine)

It’s alleged the two people in the CCTV were occupants of the Mazda.

After the alleged shooting, the two men fled in the vehicle before crashing into a fire hydrant and pole on Box Forest Road, near Sydney Road.

The two men ran from the vehicle, one fled on foot and attempted to hide in a bin of a KFC restaurant on Sydney Road in Fawkner.

A second man carjacked a Ford Territory wagon from a woman and child, before driving it to Epping, where he was captured on CCTV walking the streets.

The stolen vehicle was later located in Brunswick Drive, Epping around 10pm.

One man fled on foot and attempted to hide in a bin of a KFC restaurant on Sydney Road in Fawkner. (Victoria Police)

Police today publicly released images of the two men and a vehicle.

The offenders are described to be of Middle Eastern appearance, medium build, and approximately 18-20 years of age.

One of the men is believed to have visited a hardware store in Epping on June 15, where he purchased two petrol cans which were located in the crashed Mazda SUV.

Police believe the cans were purchased in preparation for destroying the vehicle after the shooting.

Professional boxer Sam Abdulrahim was shot four times earlier this year. (Nine)

Following the shooting, Abdulrahim attempted to drive himself to Fawkner police station and get help before being rushed to hospital.

Abdulrahim was then taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition with damage to his lungs, liver and kidney.

Police say the shooting was targeted.