Alina Habba's Transformation Is A Staggering Sight To See

In 2021, one year after Donald Trump lost the presidential election, Alina Habba stepped up for her first test, bringing on a lawsuit that was still on the books after four years. She took on Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice,” accusing Trump, then the host and producer, of defamation in response to a sexual assault allegation. As Habba was about to countersue Zervos for trying to quash Trump’s ability to speak publicly about the incident, the plaintiff dropped the charges.

That first case was a major coup for Habba, who showed up the more expensive suits on the Trump legal team. “It doesn’t hurt that I win cases,” she said on the PBD Podcast about working for Trump. “That helps. You know, winning always helps. He doesn’t want anybody on his team representing him that’s, you know, going to keep failing, of course.”

The lawyer drew even more attention that year when she filed a lawsuit against her famous client’s niece, Mary Trump, and three New York Times journalists for disclosing damaging tax information concerning the Trump Organization. “I just stepped in,” Habba told The Washington Post at the time. “We’re hoping to have some traction and clear the President’s name.” The case was ultimately dismissed because the defendants were protected by the First Amendment. Despite that setback, the case catapulted Habba into the mainstream stratosphere with promises of more public moments to come.

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