'Ahsoka' could be on its way to first Emmys nominations

LOS ANGELES — In the sci-fi adventure “Ahsoka,” viewers have been able to step foot into the world of Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi knight tasked with investigating an emerging threat during the start of the New Republic.

Rosario Dawson stars as the titular character, and just a couple of years ago, her and fellow “Star Wars” actor Diego Luna presented at the Emmys.

Now, it’s “Ahsoka” that could be garnering its first Emmys nominations!

“The thing that I love the most about ‘Star Wars’ is that it’s constantly this choice between the light and dark, but all the gradients in between and embracing all of it,” Dawson told On The Red Carpet.

At a recent “For Your Consideration” event preceding the Emmys, the cast and crew gathered to watch the episode “Part Five: Shadow Warrior,” where Ahsoka faces off against her old master, Anakin Skywalker.

Hayden Christensen, who originated the role of Anakin Skywalker in the “Star Wars” prequels, spoke about being able to revisit the fan-favorite character. “It was such a cool experience. I mean, the way Dave Filoni conceived that whole episode, I thought was just really clever, and it was just so much fun for me to get to play this character again,” Christensen said.

The first season of “Ahsoka” is available now on Disney+.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Disney+ and this ABC station.

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