Illegal Alien Murder Victim Spotlight: Two-Year-Old Maryland Boy Shot Dead

And just like that, poof. There goes the charges brought against dozens of illegal aliens accused of rioting and other state crimes as they stormed the border wall in El Paso earlier this year are dismissed.

County Court-at-Law No. 7 Judge Ruben Morales told prosecutors and public defenders on Sunday that he does not have jurisdiction over the cases citing that they weren’t properly filed.

This isn’t the first time for such a judicial decision. 

Other problems with processing criminal complaint affidavits submitted by Texas state law enforcement were a factor cited in prior dismissals. Illegal aliens allegedly cut the razor wire in Texas by the Rio Grande River. They stormed through the fence as Texas Army National Guard troops tried to protect the border. In previous hearings on March 21 and April 12, prosecutors complained to jail magistrates that there was not sufficient time to present witnesses or more evidence. They said that the content found in the complaint affidavits varied very little from case to case. “We were preparing for trial on a number of cases, and we received an order indicating Judge Morales was granting our plea over jurisdiction and dismissing all of the cases,” said Kelli Childress Diaz, the county’s chief public defender.

So, that’s that for these cases. All 59 of them this time. They will be released from the El Paso County Jail. Federal immigration authorities (ICE) can take them into custody to remove them from the United States but who thinks that will happen? Biden’s DHS will release them to walk free. They are probably well into the interior of the country now. 

Kelli Childress Diaz, the county’s chief public defender, said the office was working on several cases when the judge’s order was received. She said that this dismissal of cases was not the fault of the judge or the illegal aliens, her clients. There were constitutional and statutory procedure problems. “None of these problems have been at the fault of the judge or my clients. It’s been very frustrating to watch this happen over and over again. This is the third dismissal of these charges while these people have had to sit in jail for.”

Oh. Excuse me if I’m not bothered that illegal aliens, many who turned violent against the Texas National Guard troops protecting the border, are cooling their heels in jail. They should have been sent back immediately but they were allowed the privilege of remaining in Texas. They are criminals, starting at the time they illegally crossed the border. Now they will be free to live where they wish. 

American taxpayers are on the hook for at least 9 million illegal aliens who have been allowed to live in Joe Biden’s America since he took office. There is a lack of will, and no sense of urgency to correct the problem and secure the southern border. It’s all intentional. 

It is deeply inhumane to allow the southern border to remain open. Human trafficking is rampant. Drugs are flowing across the border and killing Americans. The threat to national security has all the red lights flashing now, according to warnings from the director of the FBI. There are hundreds of thousands of gotaways loose in our country. They have not been vetted. We don’t know who they are, where they are, or what they are doing. 

We need a change in November and a major correction in action along the southern border before something truly tragic happens. 


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