What would we do without Libs of Tik Tok? The right’s favorite social media provocateur does tremendous work exposing the woke behavior infiltrating our educational system. Sometimes Libs of Tik Tok stokes our outrage, and sometimes we just have to laugh.

One post from Libs of Tik Tok falls into the latter category. Here’s the set-up: a teacher who works with 5th- and 6th-grade students reached out to the Tik Tok world asking what she should do about a particular student.

When the subject of pronouns came up in the class, one boy raised his hand and told the teacher that she hadn’t asked his pronouns. So she did. The kid replied that his pronouns were “banana” and “rock.”

Naturally, this triggered confusion in the woke teacher, and at one point in her Tik Tok, she even tries to correct herself and refer to the kid as “banana.” Then she wonders — and asks the woke people on a social media outlet — if the kid wa serious in telling her his pronouns are “banana” and “rock.”

It’s glorious.

When one colleague shared this tweet in our PJ Media Slack channel, another colleague commented, “If you have to ask TikTok how to be in the world, you should probably just quit.”

These woke teachers don’t know what to do with smart-aleck kids. And I’m here for every minute of the trolling of the woke.

Good job, “banana”/”rock” kid. I salute you!


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