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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Trans-Obsessed Children’s Hospitals Cry Wolf Over ‘Threats’ No One Can Prove

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Lately, the Boston Children’s Hospital has been making the media rounds with outlets like the Washington Post. The hospital is claiming to be receiving “death threats” and even a “bomb threat” over their butchery of children who think they are “born in the wrong body.” This all started when Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter began dropping the hospital’s own marketing materials where they talk about mutilating children in service of the Gender Cult that has overtaken our society. They, and others like them, are determined that everyone will join the Gender Cult or else! And in this case, the “or else” might have been “or be accused of sending heinous death threats, bigots!” Libs of Tik Tok was accused by the Washington Post of being responsible for the harassment and threats that the hospital claims it received.

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo started looking into those threats and didn’t get very far. Rufo has repeatedly asked both the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Washington Post for proof of the claimed “threats.” Neither has provided any. But today, there appears to be a break in the case. Rufo sent inquiries to the Boston Police Department and was told that there was no 911 call reporting any bomb threat. “There are no recordings responsive for the 911 call,” said the Boston PD in an email to Rufo.

Later in the day Rufo spoke to a spokesperson for the Boston PD on the phone and they informed him they were told of the alleged “bomb threat” through “secondhand” communication. It is not clear what that means and the police wouldn’t tell him, refusing to say who alerted them to the alleged threat that caused a large police presence at the hospital.

It’s not just Boston Children’s Hospital getting in on the free publicity. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago—which also offers body-destroying medical interventions for “trans” children—claimed they got “harassed” too. Rufo also corresponded with reporters who pushed this claim. One of his communications with Monica Eng of NPR is so funny that it should be reposted.

Rufo wrote, “You’re saying that the man with the sandwich board outside the hospital is ‘harassment?’ And you didn’t personally review the email ‘harassment’ that Lurie claims occurred?” Eng responded in an incoherent, flustered fashion, writing, “I believed the Lurien [sic] staff when they said they were facing harassment from people who believe the online posts and from a person who went to their facility to suggest false things about their care.” She then admitted she did not vet the information that the staff gave her in true Big Media style of “print first, ask questions never.” 

Eng admitted that the staff was “discreet” and didn’t show her the alleged harasment email, but she “certainly saw the statements people wrote about Lurie online,” proving that journalists have no idea what the differences between “harassment” and “free speech” are.

Image via Twitter

The man with the sandwich board is Billboard Chris, or Chris Elston, a father who pickets organizations and institutions that push the Gender Cult theology. “I just go outside and talk to people and all Hell breaks loose,” he said. Elston travels all over North America trying to bring awareness to the public that hospitals are harming children for life with puberty-blocking drugs that have known side effects like brittle bone disease, sterilization, lowered or missing sex drive, underdeveloped genitalia, stunted height, and unknown side effects that are still being discovered including brain swelling and vision loss. They are not reversible by any means. He and others like him were called terrorists for wanting to exercise their right to protest this terrible medical crime against children who cannot consent to any medical procedures including hormones, puberty blockers, or surgeries. Elston, who is a very kind and soft-spoken man with unlimited patience for the morons who accost him on the street while he is protesting—and who even suffered having his arm broken without retaliating at one event—jokingly referred to his activities as “stochastic terror,” and his critics immediately took it seriously and spread it all over social media. But Elston is not a terrorist; he’s just a dad and he’s not going to be quiet about protecting kids. “It’s just crazy and I had to take a stand,” said Elston. “I’m just a dad. What’s the point of life? Is it to have a big house and a pool? Are we going to sit by and watch this insanity wreak havoc on society?”

When you get time, read through the thread below to hear a real story of what these “gender affirming” procedures can do to a healthy person. It’s shocking that this is legal. “I have no sensation in my crotch region at all. You could stab me with a knife and I wouldn’t know. The entire area is numb, like it’s shell shocked and unable to comprehend what happened, even 4 years on,” wrote one survivor of the Gender Cult.

And so Billboard Elston travels around Canada and America and faces the worst of the worst hatred and violence because he cares about children who are experimented on and does not want to see one more child wake up one day with a mutilated urethra that dribbles urine all day long into his pants, causing him much more anxiety and pain than he ever dreamed possible. For this he is labeled a “terrorist,” and major media outlets amplify that message with the help of the children’s hospitals that would rather the public remain in the dark about their activities.

Billboard Chris is not a terrorist. He’s an intelligent, caring father who has an incredible ability to talk to people and educate them on this issue. He changes hearts and minds every day he is out with the public. I was on a podcast with him and Gays Against Groomers’ Mike Harlow recently (it is linked below). Elston told PJ Media on Wednesday, “It’s not a controversial statement to say we shouldn’t be sterilizing kids. These hospitals can call me whatever they like. The words of child abusers mean nothing to me.”

But who is going to hold the country’s children’s hospitals and Big Media accountable for the lies they are telling about this man and Libs of TikTok and anyone else critical of them? There isn’t one shred of evidence that any hospital has provided yet to prove they’ve received any credible threats because of the First Amendment right to protest and express disgust being exercised against what they are doing to kids behind closed doors. Not one. In fact, all evidence points to the hospitals making it up and colluding with Big Media for publicity and setting up Elston, Libs of TikTok, and anyone else who dares to join them to be arrested for trumped-up terror and harassment charges. This is wrong. This is real harassment and it should stop. Criticism is not harassment in America. The lawyers who had to sit through three years of law school  (which had to include constitutional law) and who advise these hospitals and don’t tell them to stop this are seriously lacking in intelligence or risk-management skills. Their clients won’t get away with this forever, especially now that real journalists who check and verify claims are sniffing around. Good luck keeping up the charade, boys!

Free speech is not harassment. The Boston Children’s Hospital and the Lurie Children’s Hospital advocate for and perform medical mutilation of kids by their own admission (or do you believe that video from Boston CHILDREN’S Hospital about “gender-affirming hysterectomies” is somehow not for children…at the children’s hospital?). According to their website, the only surgeries they wait on for a child to reach the age of maturity are genital surgeries like vaginoplasty or phalloplasty (but their claim that they do wait is suspect if you ask me since it’s a children’s hospital and anyone over the age of 18 isn’t a child anymore). But lopping off the breasts of a minor is just fine with them. The surgeries they offer to minors according to their own public website include “chest reconstructionbreast augmentation, and facial harmonization.”

These Frankendoctors don’t have to like our opinions about what they are doing, but they do have to tolerate it without making up fairytales in order to censor and terrorize the public with their friends in Big Media and law enforcement. Feel free to continue expressing your disgust for these monsters. They deserve it and liberty demands it.

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