There was a Dominican Day parade in the Bronx yesterday and after it was over, police encountered a group of drunk men who were blasting music and blocking the street. They tried to arrest one man who had a gun and things quickly got out of hand.

Police responded to the scene to break up the ongoing party and encountered one man with a gun around 7:30 p.m.

As they cuffed the armed individual, others in the crowd began tussling with the officers, according to the video and police sources…

Police sources said the reckless pack included members of the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang.

At least six people were arrested during the pandemonium — one for firearms possession and the others for disorderly conduct, according to the sources.

That’s the general outline of what happened but you really have to see the video to appreciate how chaotic this was. About half way through this, as the cops are trying to arrest one person, a guy in a yellow shirt starts a fist fight with one of the officers. And then the glass bottles start flying.

The union for NYPD detectives reposted the video blaming the situation on “NY’s NO-CONSEQUENCE laws.”

Maybe you could put some of this down to alcohol or a hot summer. If this were just a one-off you could say it was a fluke. But the same union posted another video of a man escaping arrest thanks to interference by an unruly crowd just last week. They noted that assaults of officers are up sharply this year.

And two days before that, there was this video of a man fighting with police in a subway. He had jumped a turnstile. And then his girlfriend also started fighting both officers.

Apparently, there was another similar scene yesterday. I’m not sure where this one took place or at what time but the car says NYPD. Note the audio is very NSFW as the cameraman only seems to know about five words.

I honestly wonder why anyone would want to be a police officer in a big city at this point. What amount of money is worth the risk of being assaulted by a mob on any given day at work? Given how often this is happening now, I think it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the general anti-police sentiment has risen to new levels in New York City.

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