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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Monty’s life turned upside down when he couldn’t stop picturing everyone in the cul du sac wearing nothing but dingy, open bath robes.

One of the more annoying and disturbing aspects of the Biden puppet presidency thus far is the complete inability of so many of the people at the top to use their words well. When they’re not mouth-barfing them into an incoherent jumble, they’re forming them into understandable sentences that say stupid things.

President LOLEightyonemillion and his Lady Veep are prime examples of the former, while Squeaky Ocasio-Cortez and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (lefties do love their hyphens) are pumping out the dumb stuff.

Jean-Pierre came to her present gig sporting not one, but two HISTORIC FIRSTS that could be checked off on the diversity list, which is more precious than gold or love to the Democrats.

It’s also the law in America now that one has to mention that whenever speaking or writing about Ms. Jean223-Pierre.

Sadly, it seems that’s all she had on her résumé.

Jean-Pierre came out of the gate seemingly determined that she could be the worst White House press secretary ever. That’s saying a lot about a position that has been filled by the likes of Robert Gibbs and Jen “Circle Back” Psaki. Our own VodkaPundit has been covering Jean-Pierre’s stumbles since she first got on the job.

Robert has a story about Jean-Pierre’s latest whopper:

If the Biden administration’s dumpster fire didn’t threaten to engulf us all, Old Joe and his team of tokens, clowns, hacks, and psychopaths would be good for a few laughs. Nobody expects the president’s press secretary to be a great intellect, but a rudimentary understanding of how the American government works would be nice. Instead, on Wednesday we got Karine Jean-Pierre informing the nation that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning Roe v. Wade was “unconstitutional.” Yes, she really said that.

This woman’s primary function is to be the spokesperson for the President of the United States and she doesn’t know the primary function of the Supreme Court of the United States.

These are truly magical times we’re living in, aren’t they?

This wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Like so many of her superiors, Jean-Pierre is an embarrassment who repeatedly proves that she isn’t equipped to do her job. Given the fact that Biden has abandoned whatever grasp of the English language that he may have once had, one would think that having a spokesperson who can communicate and not sound like an idiot would be a priority.

I may not agree with anything that the Democrats say or do but I will admit that they have a lot of people on their side who do their brand of politics well.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have bonded with any of them in his half of a century in Washington.

This clown car is the best of what Biden has to offer.

But hey, gas prices or something.

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