On one hand, I appreciate the work that Libs of TikTok is doing. On the other hand, their posts don’t do much for my hypertension. And here they are, fresh from the Keystone State with a new missive.

Via The Post Millennial: video has surfaced from the July 30th Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania, showing a man dressed only in red shorts teaching a child to pole dance. Gauging by the video, the child is a boy wearing a rainbow tutu. The Twitter post declares “Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist. My kiddo is a natural!” Based on the caption, the person cheering him on in the video must be his mother. Great, your child is a natural stripper.

An adult, teaching a child how to dance like a stripper — didn’t we used to jail people for things like that? Madam, are you so transfixed by popular culture that it doesn’t even penetrate your skull that sexualizing children can be disastrous? Whatever you or your child thinks his gender may be at the moment, what is the price of his innocence? Can’t one be trans and still conduct one’s self decently? Where is the pride in Pride?

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The festival, which continues into this month, also offers a playground, wading pool, mushroom water feature, and ice cream. Families, including kids, are encouraged to attend “TransPride Pool Parties.”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe is on board. In a letter of support for the festival, Wolf said in part, “William Penn founded Pennsylvania on the principles of fairness and inclusion.” Something tells me that Penn probably was not thinking about children being taught to pole dance when he founded the state.

Meanwhile, Turning Point USA’s Drew Hernandez has had videos removed by YouTube. The videos documented instances of grooming and were taken down for violating the platform’s hate speech policy.

I’m not going to give the usual disclaimer that consenting adults are free to do as they wish. I’ve done that before. If you don’t believe me, I don’t care.

But if you sexualize children because you want to be trendy or advance an agenda or just because you enjoy it, don’t hide behind being gay, trans, or progressive. You are simply selfish, thoughtless, and wicked.

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