Democrats have often claimed a moral high ground when it comes to COVID-19, accusing their Republican colleagues of recklessness and even murder for embracing a more lax approach to masking and testing. But now they’re so desperate for a legislative victory that they’re throwing caution to the wind by quietly embracing a “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell” COVID policy this weekend ahead of the vote on the $764 billion spending bill (erroneously dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act) in the evenly split chamber.

Joe Biden needs all Senate Democrats present so Kamala Harris can cast the tie-breaking vote on the legislation, which won’t even reduce inflation.

“Senate Democrats, some of whom have decried their G.O.P. colleagues’ lenient attitude toward masking, have adopted an unofficial ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell,’ protocol of late, particularly as they endeavor to pass the historic Inflation Reduction Act this weekend,” a senior Senate aide told Puck News. “They’re not going to delay it if a member has gotten COVID… Counterparts are saying they’re not going to test anymore. It’s not an official mandate but we all know we’re not letting COVID get in the way. The deal is happening. Less testing, just wear masks and get it done.”

There is no proxy voting in the Senate.

Another source said that even if a senator did catch the virus, “you can bring your ventilator and still vote.”

Classy. Very classy.

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