Despite its stolid and stoic reputation for being a thoroughly bland vanilla state, Utah is not nearly as red as people believe it to be. Truth be told, Utah is getting bluer by the minute if not by the second, and nowhere is that more evident than in Salt Lake City. In fact, if you were to drive through SLC, you  you might be under the impression that you were in the midst of a left-wing paradise. And you’d be right.

With that in mind, I was surprised to see that according to local TV station KSL, state Senator Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City, is under investigation by the Utah Senate for sexual improprieties. He was outed by a former intern on social media for sexual harassment during the last session. The investigation was ordered by Senate President Stuart Adams.

The intern said that she was brought on board to help with Davis’ reelection bid. (He lost his primary after holding the office for 35 years to Nate Blouin, a champion of green energy.)  The intern accused Davis of putting his arms around her waist and…I can’t believe I have to type this…playing with her toes while she sat on a reclining couch in his office. He also “constantly invaded” her physical boundaries. In another incident, the intern was taking pictures of Davis outside and got dirt on the seat of her pants. Davis apparently requested that he be allowed to wipe the dirt off and she declined. Davis proceeded to take a towel and wipe her pants anyway. The campaign manager rationalized the behavior when the young lady had had enough and finally quit. She stated: “The Utah Democratic Party cares more about protecting the establishment than having accountability within their party. They care about women when it comes to legislation and when it’s trendy, but not when it’s in their own inner circle.”

On Thursday, Davis was suspended by the Utah Democratic Party from all party activities. However, the party appears to be waiting to start its own investigation since, according to KUTV, “there have been no formal complaints submitted to the Utah party regarding Davis.” The party did release the standard boiler-plate disclaimer. So, just so we’re clear: the state Senate has started an investigation, the accusations were posted on Instagram, and there are indications that this is not the first time Davis has done something like this. And it is in the media. But the Utah Democratic Party doesn’t think it is urgent to investigate the matter since the woman has not officially filed a complaint with it.

In other words, Davis is on his way to the exit, anyway. Better to lay low and wait for this story to go away on its own. In the meantime, watch the news cycle to find another example of a homo/trans/islamo/xeno-phobic fascist Republican. Then they can focus their energies on that, rather than take ownership of the mess in their own backyard. After all, by Monday, no one will remember the young woman who took a high-paying job because, in her own words, she was  “naive, broke, unemployed and desperate.”

But isn’t that how Democrats want us all? Naïve, broke, unemployed and desperate? All the better to manipulate us. Those seem to be their favorite kind of people.

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