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Sunday, May 22, 2022

What Really Happened To Candy Montgomery’s Husband Pat?

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Candy Wheeler married Pat Montgomery sometime in the early 1970s, according to Texas MonthlyOxygen writes that the pair later had a son and daughter. While Montgomery was a secretary when she first met her husband, she became a dedicated housewife after they married. The Montgomerys moved to Wylie, Texas, where they ultimately met the Gores at the First United Methodist Church of Lucas (via All That’s Interesting). By all accounts, Candy and Pat were a match made in heaven and had a happy marriage (per The Cinemaholic).

Additionally, Pat, who was an engineer at Texas Instruments, had a high income that allowed his family to live comfortably. Texas Monthly explains that this wasn’t enough for his wife. She was bored with her life and believed an affair with Allan could add a new spark to her life. As it is now known, this led to Gore’s bloody death. Montgomery was subsequently arrested and put on trial. Despite this, The Cinemaholic reports that Pat’s support for his wife never waned. Additionally, it seems that he forgave her for the affair. Per UPI, Pat was there when Montgomery was acquitted and the two left the courthouse together.

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