Tammy Slaton Gives ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans Weight Loss Tips

Tammy Slaton and her class on weight loss is now in session.

The half of the “1000-Lb Sisters” duo recently highlighted some of her best tips for losing weight in a clip posted to social media. She made the post in response to a question from one of her online followers and fans with the display name Emily Albert.

Tammy Slaton Updates Followers On Her ‘Best Weight Loss Tip’

On Thursday, Slaton responded to a few comments in her previous posts. To that end, she shone the light on Albert’s comment that read, “What’s your best weight loss tip? I’m really having a tough time.” 

For her reply, the reality television star wore a black round-neck t-shirt with multicolored graphics, her signature black-and-yellow neckpiece, and various finger rings. She held up her phone in selfie mode as she apologized to the fan for the “rough time” they were “going through.”

Going into the topic, she asserted, “Honestly, it’s portion control. It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat of it,” before taking a sip of water from her portable bottle. The 37-year-old continued, “Because when I was in rehab, they were giving me pizza, spaghetti… but it was portioned.”

@tammyslaton2020 Replying to @Emily Albert ♬ original sound – Tammy slaton

She explained that the portions she got translated to “one piece of pizza” and “one scoop of spaghetti,” which was “pushing away from the table.” Slaton added that “cutting out sugars and carbs as much as possible” also aided her weight loss efforts.

In a bid to wrap up, the television personality said, “I hope whatever you’re going through gets a lot better. I’m here for you, I love you all,” and then remembered an extra point. In her words:

“I also wanted to say I wanted help in some way. But if you always need more, I’m here. But the gates are always open, not just for you, but for anybody.”

Even though the TikTok post had an emotional undertone, it was not the first time that Slaton would share insights into her recent diet change. Just last month, the beloved vlogger addressed a fan’s inquiry about whether she still consumes “12/8 sodies.” 

She replied in the negative, explaining that she occasionally has two 12 oz. cans a day, sometimes just one, or none at all on some other days. Slaton, who emphasized that water had become her preferred beverage choice, further detailed:

“Or if I do drink something else it’s tea…diet tea or sugar-free Gatorades. I do like drinking Crystal Light packets, stuff like that sometimes… but plain ordinary water.” 

The YouTuber Showed Off Her Rocker Punk Style In An Instagram Post

Fans had showered Slaton with praise after she uploaded an online collection of her showcasing her style in a black leather jacket with zipped-up sleeves. Although she sat atop a carton-colored surface in all ten slides, she altered her poses, starting with one hand under her chin in the initial picture.

In another photo, she pulled on the collar of her jacket and also closed her fist to highlight a tattoo on the side of her hand in some others. The TLC personality paired black Nike bottoms with blue sandals, and her short brown tresses were on display while she covered her eyes with black-rimmed glasses.

The images closing off the carousel were focused on the widow’s face as she maintained direct eye contact with the camera without smiling. The close-up shots highlighted a silver necklace and showed how much weight she has lost. 

A fan commented, “Unbelievable transformation, Tammy; you look incredible,” under the Instagram post, which was captionless. A second fan declared, “We love a good photo shoot moment,” and a third raved, “Looking good, Tammy. I always knew you could do this, and look how God made it happen.”

“Tammy, you look good in a leather jacket!” a fourth Instagram user exclaimed, while a fifth added, “You’re really going to just thirst trap us like this? YOU LOOK SOOOOOO GOOD BABES!!!!! Love you forever.”

Other comments read, “Wow, girl! You’re a different person. Beautiful before, but now your happiness jumps out in pictures. Yay for you,” “She’s in her gangsta era,” and “Must be so good to be able to buy stuff like this! Looks cool.”

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