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Sydel Curry-Lee Shares Birth Story: ‘My Husband Caught Our Daughter’

Sydel Curry-Lee Shares Birth Story: ‘My Husband Caught Our Daughter’

Sydel Curry-Lee and her husband Damion Lee recently welcomed their second child into the world, daughter Daryn Alicia Lee.

Sydel has shared her fertility and pregnancy journey with her social media followers from the beginning and wanted to share her story of how labor and delivery went this time around in a YouTube video. Damion joined in to help share the exciting story and give his perspective as well.

Sydel Curry-Lee And Damion Lee Reveal All About Their Daughter’s Birth

Sydel Curry-Lee and Damion Lee
Sydel Curry-Lee – YouTube

The mental health advocate and NBA player shared the details of their daughter’s birth story together from both points of view. Sydel first reminded fans that with her son Daxon, she was induced at 41 weeks, had an unmedicated birth, tore and hemorrhaged a little, was in labor for 13 hours and pushed for 32 minutes. She said this time around was very different.

Sydel’s plan was to labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital and to have an unmedicated birth. And as you will see as she tells her story, she got her wish!

The day before her due date, the doctor told her she was 3-4 centimeters dilated. She had been experiencing some contractions since 36 weeks, but she didn’t feel that anything was happening. The doctor told her if the baby didn’t arrive on her own in the coming days, she would be induced that Saturday.

The following day, her due date, she continued to bounce on the ball, walk up and down stairs, do squats, drink tea to help bring on labor saying she was “doing all the things.” Damion told her that the baby was going to be born later that night.

“I told her that it’s happening tonight,” Damion said. “I don’t know what feeling or inclination I had, but I was just like today’s the due date, it’s gonna happen tonight.”

Despite Damion’s feeling that the baby was about to make her entrance, Sydel just didn’t think it would happen because she wasn’t feeling any different than normally. Then contractions started happening more often, but still spaced far apart. Around 7 p.m., the contractions started to come a little faster and harder at about 5 to 7 minutes apart.

They decided maybe it was time to head to the hospital before things got more difficult to handle.

“We get in the car at 8:20. I cannot have another contraction in this car, drive faster,” Sydel said. “He’s zooming.”

The Time Was Near To Meet Baby Daryn

Sydel Curry-Lee and Damion Lee
Sydel Curry-Lee – Instagram

Once at the hospital, she was taken to triage but quickly moved to a labor and delivery room. Little did they know, they would be holding their baby girl sooner than they expected at that point.

“We get to the room at 9:23. Damion’s working hard,” Sydel explained. “When I tell you this man was out of breath because of all of the counter pressure and how hard he’s having to push on my back for it to even feel like it’s doing anything.”

Sydel‘s doula arrived at 9:28. Damion decided it was a good time to go to the bathroom, and as he’s washing his hands, he hears Sydel yell, “I gotta push.”

“I push and I felt a gush of water. My water broke. Like full gush of water,” she said. “I push again and I feel her head come out. And then I push one more time, I feel her body just fly out of me and I had her.”

Where was Damion during this?

“In the middle of me pushing, those three pushes, I think push number two, I heard subconsciously, ‘Do you wanna catch your daughter?’ My doctor was asking him if he wanted to catch her,” Sydel said. “And you know where he was? Catching her.”

Sydel Curry-Lee and Damion Lee
Sydel Curry-Lee – YouTube

Damion caught his baby girl! Everything happened so fast for the couple.

“We got in the room at 9:23, I had her at 9:38. She was born at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, 20 3/4 inches. I didn’t tear, I didn’t hemorrhage. It’s made a huge difference in my postpartum experience a well,” she said.

“It was the most ideal situation. And we’re done. I’m done. I can’t be pregnant anymore. I love my kids. I had a really easy labor and delivery but I just can’t be pregnant anymore but I’m very happy with the outcome of everything.”