Mark Wahlberg Breaks The Internet With Jaw-Dropping Underwear Photo

Fans can thank Mark Wahlberg’s wife, Rhea Durham, for sharing a jaw-dropping snap of the actor, who was clad in nothing but his undies!

Social media users were rendered speechless upon encountering a photo of him wearing only socks and underwear this Wednesday.

Starting The Day Right

Mark Wahlberg at Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's Me Time

The photo captured the “Daddy’s Home” star seemingly undergoing red light therapy, a therapeutic method known for its potential to aid in muscle tissue recovery post-workout. During the session, he gazed upward and looked straight into the camera.

“Good Morning and you’re welcome,” the former Victoria’s Secret model captioned her Instagram post.

Scroll Down To See The Photo!

Following the share, fans of Wahlberg quickly flocked to the comments section, expressing their admiration and collectively sharing their excitement.

“Oh my… well, thank you for this delightful early morning treat!” expressed one individual.

“You are a very fortunate woman,” remarked another, acknowledging Durham, 45, while another user commended her for being a “confident wife.”

A third chimed in by writing, “I love when celebrities provide public service like this. It’s just so good for the general wellbeing of all.”

Maintaining That Ripped Body

At 52, Wahlberg is renowned for his rigorous workout routines, frequently sharing videos of his training sessions at the gym. He also enjoys showcasing his preferred methods for recovery.

In addition to red light therapy, the “Uncharted” actor frequently immerses himself in cold plunges. He consistently showcases his sculpted physique, maintaining it “the good old-fashioned way” through a combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise, as he revealed in a previous interview with Page Six.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Fitness seems to be a shared interest in Wahlberg’s family, as he proudly commended his 13-year-old daughter, Grace, for following in his footsteps.

“My daughter Grace, she’s an equestrian now,” Wahlberg said proudly. “She’s going up and she’s building strength to control a really powerful animal, so she’s working out now.”

He continued, “She is very much like me. She is super disciplined,” adding. “It’s incredible to see.”

Every now and then, Wahlberg joins his wife in breaking a sweat, as the two relish high-intensity workouts at F45 Training, participating together quite frequently.

Why Mark Wahlberg And His Family Moved Out Of California

Mark Wahlberg at CATHEDRALE Grand Opening - Las Vegas

Wahlberg and Durham, who tied the knot in August 2009, have a family that includes daughters Ella, 20, and Grace, and sons Michael, 17, and Brendan 14.

In the past year, Wahlberg decided to uproot his family, moving them from their $90 million mansion in California to Las Vegas, Nevada, in pursuit of a “better life.”

In an April interview with E! News, Wahlberg shared that his children were “thriving,” and the move had been generally positive for the family.

“They love Vegas,” the actor said. “I spent lots of time in LA pursuing my interests and my career, and now it’s time for them to pursue theirs. Everybody is thriving there. It’s been great.”

During an October 2022 interview on “The Talk,” Wahlberg expressed his desire to prioritize family life as his kids pursued interests such as golf, basketball, and horseback riding.

For their new home, the “Ted” star acquired a mansion just outside of Sin City for $15.6 million, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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