Marissa Da’Nae gets slammed for an Instagram post amid drama with NLE Choppa

Marissa Da’Nae gets slammed for an Instagram post amid drama with NLE Choppa

It appears like social media users are sparing no sympathy for Marissa Da after she called out NLE Choppa for missing some doctor’s appointments following her pregnancy.

Here is everything you need to know.

NLE Choppa and Marissa Da’Nae drama explained

Marissa Da’Nae took to her official Instagram account on 18th April Tuesday to blast her former boyfriend NLE Choppa for missing doctor’s appointments. 

Moreover, she claimed that despite being absent for the checkups, NLE Choppa seemingly has time to take ‘folks on vegan dates.’

She said, ‘I had to fly to Texas for help from my family. Idc about money, I need you present. I needed flowers, I needed love. I needed support.’

She continued, ‘I needed you dawg. I still need you my n***a. You good to everybody else, but you literally sh*t on me!’

In addition, she went on to admit that they chose the IVF process to conceive the child. Furthermore, she mentioned that she never broke up with NLE Choppa.

Da’Nae stated that they deliberately seemed like they had broken up for the public. She penned that they believed it ‘would stop sending sh*t” to her and not be in NLE Choppa’s business.’

If you didn’t know, the 20-year-old singer announced his split with Da’Nae with a tweet last year in September.  

Fans react to Marissa Da’Nae’s IG stories

Many netizens were quick to criticize Marissa Da’Nae after her meltdown on social media over her pregnancy. 

Some users called the model ‘crazy’ for allegedly going through an IVF process with someone they are not in a relationship with.

One user wrote, ‘To cry like that over a “fake” breakup is crazy. To be 27 and getting played by a 19 is even more crazy.’

Another user noted, ‘After he did what he did and u cried all over this social media ishu went and got pregnant??????????????’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘Going through the IVF process for someone you’re not even married to is craaaaazy.’

A different user pointed out, ‘Girl the man literally said he will never be faithful and will not marry you. Having a baby by a man that already told you who he is is crazy.’

Meanwhile, Da’Nae later again took to her Instagram stories to share that her actions were done in anger and frustration. 

She stated, ‘This is my bed I made, that I gotta lay in. I been by myself, I’ll keep doing it by myself.’


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