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Joe Biden Faces MAJOR Backlash For ‘Disgusting’ Veterans Day Message

Joe Biden Slammed For Asking Little Girl Question About Her Age

President Joe Biden is under fire.. once again. This time, fans are calling him a “creep” for asking a little girl if she was “17.”

The President of the United States was seen talking to a child about her ears at a Thanksgiving event. The clip has gone viral as fans are calling him a “creep” for the interaction.

Fans Call Joe Biden A ‘Creep’ For Asking A Little Girl How Old She Is

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While making a speech at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, Biden served military families dinner for Friendsgiving. During the event, President Joe Biden is seen walking over to a little girl, saying, “and I love your ears. I love them, they’re really cool. What’s your name?”

To which the little girl replied, “Katherine.” Biden then said, “That’s a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name.”

He then asked, “How old are you? 17?” which is when the girl is heard saying, “6.”

Social media users immediately shared the video, commenting on the interaction between Biden and the 6-year-old.

Another said, “THIS IS NOT NORMAL. […] This is the West’s leader on the international stage. His administration plays an important role in the Middle East where credibility, strength and respect are critical.”

This is not the first time Biden has received backlash as of late. Earlier today, the 81-year-old shared a Thanksgiving photo of him alongside a turkey, which is a staple food of the holiday — however, fans attacked the President for the social media post.

Users wrote things such as “Traditions like pardoning the turkey feel – and I cannot stress this point enough – completely pointless, especially when you are condoning a literal genocide?!?” and “Stop killing civilians, children, journalists and doctors in Gaza.”

Another said, “We know the atrocities are even worse in the North now that no one can report on it. Israel went from saying they don’t bomb hospitals to bombing all of them in the North, on top of UN schools – killing children and elderly as they are sleeping. Where is your humanity?”

President Joe Biden’s Recent Backlash

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And a few days ago when President Joe Biden welcomed the Las Vegas Gold Knights Stanley Cup champions to the White House, he called Kamala Harris by the wrong name.

Plus, on November 11, Joe Biden took to X to share a message on Veterans Day, using quotes from former President Donald Trump in the video. “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” and “That guy is smart, why did he join the military?”, were just some of the quotes included that Donald Trump has reportedly said in the past.

Biden seemingly shared the video to show his respect for fallen soldiers on Veterans Day, however, many think it was distasteful as they say he was using this day for a political campaign.

“The fact that you make a day remembering vets into a political ad is absolutely disgusting. I can’t wait to see you lose,” one citizen wrote on X.

Another social media user claimed, “Joe Biden is trying to send our troops to pointless wars overseas. He’s warmongering to distract from how he’s ruined the US economy and abandoned our border. Biden is a disgrace to our troops and all Americans.”