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“If You Know You’re My Dad, Come for Me”- Ugandan Man Begs Pete Edochie Claims He’s His Son

“If You Know You’re My Dad, Come for Me”- Ugandan Man Begs Pete Edochie Claims He’s His Son

A viral video of a Ugandan man claiming to be the biological son of renowned actor Pete Edochie woke up Nigerians on social media this morning.

The person who identified himself as Simon described how his mother had gone to Nigeria in 1984 and worked as a maid.

He claims that she eventually went back to Uganda while carrying a baby.

Before his mother passed away, Simon claimed he was never able to meet his biological father.

He did, however, add that many people had come up to him and told him that he looked a lot like the well-known actor.

Simon then pleaded with Edochie, if he was really his biological father, to come forward.

“If you are there and you know you are my father, please come for your son. I’m struggling, life is not good in Kampala, Uganda.”

Netizens react:

akwunwaahofu said: “You want your father cos you’re suffering. Did mother tell you anything about Pete Edochie? Nonsense.”

coachsparkovadje said: “Wahala…. What’s this man saying, he looks like a sad comedian. Well we’re watching what will unfold.”

magamudi said: “Well, Pete, over to you. At least acknowledge if it is true.”

mista_mackup said: “You can’t even pronounce your surname. say na “peter Odochie”

omo.oluwa said: “The guy say things hard for am and he’s hoping old Pete Edochie helps him. Oboy you’re a lazy guy abeg go find work.”

Pete Edochie mourns late grandson, shares his conversation with Yul

Pete Edochie described his late grandson’s exceptional traits while talking about the deceased.

He claims that his grandson is an exceptionally quiet, gifted kid. He is not someone you can depend on, and no matter what, he never loses his cool.

He claimed that the deceased was an unusual individual who was extremely accomplished.

The eminent performer admitted that he frequently warned Yul that individuals like Kambili, who are exceptional at everything they do, don’t live long.

Pete said that as soon as Yul called them, he and his family began to pray for the kid.

“Kambilinachukwu is a very quiet, brilliant and talented child. He’s not somebody you can ride easily. He doesn’t get angry no matter the situation.

He may change his composure, but he was definitely a very unusual person in so many respects. He was so accomplished. I always tell my son that I don’t like people excelling like this in any thing they are involved in. Experience has taught me that such people don’t last long”.