Heather Rae El Moussa Confirms Absence From Season 8 Of ‘Selling Sunset’

After months of speculation and cryptic social media posts, Heather Rae El Moussa has confirmed her absence from the highly anticipated Season 8 of Netflix’s hit series “Selling Sunset.”

This move marks a significant shift for the actress, who had developed a close friendship with newcomer Bre Tiesi and was a fixture on the show from its first episode.

Heather Rae El Moussa Bows Out of ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 8

In the last season, the model’s presence was notably reduced, appearing in only a few scenes across episodes. While El Moussa reportedly did not know where she stood then, the mother-of-one recently dropped the bombshell that she would not be gracing the screens in the upcoming eighth season.

The blonde beauty revealed this surprising news during an interview alongside her husband, Tarek El Moussa, at the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Race. The 36-year-old teased:

“I don’t know what I’m allowed to say, so I’m not gonna say anything. I don’t know what to tell though. I’m not in the know. [But] I’m not returning to 8.”

Heather Rae El Moussa attends the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala

She added, “If there’s even an 8. I don’t know if they’ve announced anything,” casting uncertainty on the show’s future. Ironically, the renewal for Season 8 had been confirmed just days before her revelation.

However, she is not letting this setback slow her down. “I am filming Season 2 of The Flipping El Moussas,” the TV personality hinted to ET‘s Nischelle Turner, promising exciting news soon.

The Blast observed that in October when Netflix unveiled a promotional picture for Season 7 featuring all the familiar faces like Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan, El Moussa’s absence from the snap sparked fan outrage.

Supporters voiced their discontent, with one passionately declaring, “The erasure of my queen, Heather Rae Young El Moussa, will NOT stand!!!!!” Others echoed frustration, labeling her as “the last real person on that show.” 

Amidst the ranting, a third fan questioned, “Oh y’all really kicked Heather to the curb, omg?” referencing an article where she expressed frustrations about not being called back for the new season.

Some even speculated her departure might lead to a stint on the “Real Housewives Of Orange County.” “I’ve been saying it since she started popping up with HD, Heather Rae is going to end up as a cast member on RHOC,” one follower noted. 

El Moussa also addressed the situation with a cheeky Instagram note alongside a glam room photo: “Selling Sunset Season 7, Looks like I got pushed in the water… It’s a good thing I can swim.” In a supportive gesture, Bre Tiesi reposted the snap with the caption, “I would never push you in the water. I love you so much @heatherraeelmoussa.”

Bre Tiesi Shared Her Feelings On Close Pal Heather Rae El Moussa’s Absence

Although El Moussa’s absence from the show has sparked questions from fans, one person who is undoubtedly sad about it is Tiesi, who became her close friend from the last season. 

Since the 32-year-old joined the ranks of The Oppenheim Group, she and El Moussa forged a connection that extended beyond the glossy screens of “Selling Sunset.” However, after reports hinted at her friend’s potential diminished role in the upcoming season, Tiesi was heartbroken.

In an interview with E! News, the Calabasas native expressed her sadness about the uncertain status of her pal’s involvement in the show. 

“I absolutely adore Heather. I’m very sad to hear that she is not going to be as big a part,” the mother-of-one shared, emphasizing their close bond. The model acknowledged being somewhat in the dark about the details, stating:

“But, honestly, I don’t know too much on it. They kinda keep us separate from all of that. But I am devastated to hear of that. We are really close.”

The uncertainty surrounding El Moussa’s return was evident in her March statement: “Season 7 is filming right now, but I’ve been off maternity leave, and I’ve been excited to get back to work, and so far, I have not been called back. It’s been a little frustrating. So [I’m] not sure what’s been going on.”

Addressing the situation, Brett Oppenheim, President and Broker of Oppenheim Real Estate, hinted at a tentative stance on her dual commitments, stating, “I think it’s TBD. I think, for now, she’s able to do both.”

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