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Britney Spears Tugs Down Her Shorts In Steamy New Dance Video

Britney Spears Shares A ‘Different Edit’ Of Bikini Pole Dance

Pop star Britney Spears is sharing a “different edit” of her pole dancing video because she thought that the first one was “too dark.”

Despite deactivating her Instagram account on Friday night, the 41-year-old pop star returned to Instagram on Sunday with a pole dancing video that she took on Saturday, shortly after she and her longtime manager Cade Hudson stepped out for a bite to eat.

Cade can actually be seen in the background of her video as Britney flaunts her fit physique for her fans!

Cade Hudson Joins Britney Spears During Her Bikini Pole Dance

On Monday afternoon, the pop star shared a different edit of her bikini dancing video, which featured her moving her hips back and forth in a white drawstring bikini. Although she doesn’t use the pole that much, Cade comes over and starts to play with it, occasionally grinding on Britney and running his hand up her side as she dances.

“Different edit from yesterday !!! it’s brighter and longer !!! Reposting because I don’t like the dark one … if it honestly matters 🙄😂 but it does to me ✅ !!!” she wrote in the caption of the video, which she still set to her hit song “Breathe on Me.”

Comments were disabled on this video, as they are in most of her recent videos, but it did get over 10,000 likes in only ten minutes of posting!

Take A Look At The ‘Dark’ Version Of Her Video!

On Sunday night, 280,000 fans liked Britney’s first photo, which admittedly does look a bit darker than the one that she posted on Monday. In the caption, she explained why she does not usually dance to her own songs on Instagram.

“I never play my own songs on Instagram and I’m honestly not sure why … I guess I was pissed to actually even try after 13 years to even suggest what I really wanted … Even after all the up family shows in Vegas … America can always catch me up on the street trying to find sneakers !!!” she wrote.

“Well, it’s a little different dancing to my own song for the first time DOWN here in hell with most !!! Breathe on me only if you have good breath !!!” she continued. “I wanted to share for the first time me messing around with my song !!! Ps yesterday ✅.”

Is Britney Spears Looking To Take A Break From Instagram?

In the last Instagram post before she deactivated her account, the “Toxic” singer shared a video that featured her dancing in her living room in a white puffy crop top with long sleeves, a pink drawstring bikini, and white boots. If fans recognize this video, it’s because she already posted it back in April.

“I probably post too often so this month I’m holding back a touch and I’m gonna post some past and future posts !!!  This was in April … hope you guys are having a lovely week 🌷🌷🌷 !!!” she explained in the caption of this video, which was set to Enigma’s song “Sadeness.”

Britney Is Helping Her Fans Get Ready For The Holidays With Black Friday Sales!

An hour before she posted her second bikini pole dancing video on Monday, the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer took to Instagram to share her own Black Friday sales a few days ahead of Thanksgiving.

“Make your only wish (this year) come true with 20% OFF storewide for a limited time only! 🎁✨ Save on items now through 11/28 and let the holiday spirit hit you, Britney style,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans were eager to get their hands on some of Britney’s merch, which includes quotes from her memoir, “The Woman In Me.” As one fan commented: “Yay heading to the store to pick up some Christmas presents!! This is super siiiick! Thank you Britney!”