Britney Spears Breaks Silence On Divorce In Bikini Dancing Video

Pop star Britney Spears returned to Instagram on Sunday night and deactivated her Instagram account for a few hours.

Ironically, Sam Asghari broke his social hiatus on Saturday night, around the same time that Britney deactivated her account. He posted a thirst trap of him working out at the gym, although fans were pretty divided on who they were supporting amid their divorce.

Britney Spears Leaves Little To The Imagination In Her Barely There Dress

Britney Spears Returns To Instagram In A Barely There Dress
Instagram | Britney Spears

On Sunday night, the “Toxic” singer posted a video that featured her posing in front of the camera in a light blue dress with silver ornamentation that covered her chest. The dress featured a blue sash that wrapped around her neck, which sat just below her black choker necklace. She complimented her look with pointed black heels and left her blonde hair long for this outfit.

Later in the video, the 41-year-old pop star wore a strapless white dress with feathers covering her chest. It looks like her roots are darker in this video than in her previous shots as she showed off her fit figure in front of the camera. She looks like she is having more fun in her second dress as she spins around and around.

She set the music in this video to Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” and dropped three “📐📐📐” emojis in the caption of her post. Unfortunately, unlike other posts on Friday, she decided to leave comments off this time, perhaps feeling like there was too much negativity being shared on her last Instagram post.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Sam did not disable comments on his Instagram post, leading many fans of both celebrities to chime in with their opinions on who was really at fault in their divorce.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Sam Asghari Amid Their Divorce

On Saturday night, the “Special Ops: Lioness” actor took to Instagram to share a video of him training at the gym. He captioned the video “Focused” and added a flex emoji. Although some fans claim that he “used” Britney for fame during their marriage, other fans praised him for leaving the “toxicity” behind.

“Keep moving forward Sam, you’re not a bad human being for choosing to leave toxicity behind. No one should put up with abuse be it emotional or otherwise from a man or woman and we have a responsibility to those who really love us, to not sink into unhealthy life choices because we chose the wrong friends or partners, etc.,” one fan commented.

Sam Asghari Flexes His Muscles In The Gym Amid Britney Spears Divorce
Instagram | Sam Asghari

“Keep strong. People are so biased when most of them would probably not be able to put up whatever you’ve gone through: dealing with egos (not that we don’t feel sympathy for them for not being self-analytical about how they choose to represent themselves and uplift the lives or their loved ones instead of bringing embarrassment and shame),” they continued. “Wishing the best for you and especially your ex, she needs to truly respect and love herself and move past the anger built up over several decades before you even came into the picture.”

Even though some Britney fans defended her in the comments, another follower chimed in to say, “Hold on with the trolling. No disrespect I love Britney but that was a lot to put up with. We all know she has mental health issues and has been through a lot but dancing around on a pole, wearing barely anything, bizarre videos etc. is a lot for any man to take. Yes if you’ve got it flaunt it and she’s free but there are better ways to celebrate that with dignity and respect for herself and for respect for her sons, seeing their mother behave that way!”

Britney Spears poses alongside Sam Asghari
Instagram | Britney Spears

“Sam helped her through a lot and was her greatest support but if rumors are true of her infidelity then why slate him for being a good guy? Because that on top of everything else is enough to drive anyone away. Sorry. He may not have anywhere near her fortune but he also works and as it’s understood there’s a prenuptial agreement so he gets very little or nothing,” they continued. “I am pretty sure that others in his position wouldn’t put up with any of that for long, so stop.”

“Leave them both be to get over their own heartaches and I really hope Britney does get the help she clearly needs and has a bit more dignity and respect for herself with her posts, then gets back to doing what she truly loves which is performing on stage and making music,” they concluded. “That’s her true passion.” It is rumored that the pop star plans to release new music when her new memoir, “The Woman In Me” is released on October 24.

Fans can get a detailed timeline of the divorce and more details about the allegations that Britney cheated on Sam – and who with – by clicking here.

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