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A Nigerian boss has been left in shock upon seeing her employees, whom she entrusted with her clothing store worth millions of naira, asleep during her visit.

The visit, intended for routine checks, turned into an unexpected discovery when she found both staff members deeply asleep during work hours.

The incident, captured in a video shared on TikTok by @kenzycollectible, shows the desk assistant dozing off with her head resting on the table.

Boss in shock as she finds all her employees asleep in multi-million naira clothing store

In another part of the shop, an employee was found sleeping soundly on the floor amidst the clothing items.

The hilarious video has sparked a wave of discussion online, with many viewers expressing both surprise and amusement over the incident.

Netizens Reactions…

Thrift Vendor said: “Atleast they should take turn,not the two of them sleeping at the same tome.”

Igando Baker said: “If the place is a busy area they will not sleep.”

Morenikeji said: “This is how my husband sales rep sleep one days, she even sleep nd face the wall, I enter carry 3 big iPhone nd went out nd hide it den come back nd did has if am just coming nd I wake her up.”

Teebalz69 said: “If someone enter to steal they won’t even notice.. this one no be nap na full sleep.”

Nifty herbals said: “The girl wey dey help me before eh you fit carry her from downstairs go upstairs she no go wake if she never dey satisfied with that sleep.

Wigs by Barbie said: “Sales girl go whine you but no panic.”

Afoo Ibadan said: “You need to do door alarm, it’s a normal thing, also imply a 5min break for them like every 2 hours.”y

Elraj said: “Give her coffee every 3 hours she will be okay.”

See below;


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