Ashley Jensen And Kenny Doughty, A Secret Wedding Six Years After Tragedy

A secret wedding reunites Ashley Jensen with happiness after a period of six years after a tragedy. Under the most unexpected of circumstances, Ashley Jensen, who has portrayed Shetland, has secretly tied the knot with fellow actor Kenny Doughty, to which she has declared her newfound joy.

This momentous event, characterized by an emotionally charged and “super fun” ceremony, occurs six years subsequent to the tragic demise of Terence Beesley, Jensen’s initial spouse. In the vicinity of Bath, at the historic Priston Mill, an intimate celebration was held in the company of close friends and family.

Highlights: “Ashley Jensen’s Secret Wedding: A Journey from Grief to Joy”

  1. Newfound Joy Amidst Tragedy: Shetland star Ashley Jensen, who endured the tragic loss of her first husband Terence Beesley in 2017, has embraced happiness once again, secretly tying the knot with actor Kenny Doughty.
  2. Super Fun and Emotional Ceremony: The intimate wedding ceremony, described as “super fun” and emotional, took place at the historic Priston Mill near Bath. Jensen, 54, looked radiant in an off-white gown with floral embroidery, while Doughty, 48, beamed in a powder-blue suit.
  3. A Supportive Love Story: The discreet relationship between Jensen and Doughty unfolded amidst public sightings and photographed moments. The couple, who co-starred in Love, Lies, And Records in 2017, has been a source of mutual support, with Kenny Doughty standing as a pillar of strength for Ashley.
  4. Remembering Terence Beesley: The wedding holds poignant significance as it comes six years after the tragic passing of Ashley’s first husband, Terence Beesley. The memory of Beesley, who took his own life in 2017, adds depth to Jensen’s journey towards renewed joy and companionship.
  5. Photographer’s Insight: Local photographer Martin Dabek, who captured the day, described the couple as a “super fun & laid back” pair. Though images of the couple weren’t shared, the photographer’s words provide a glimpse into the joyful atmosphere of the ceremony.
  6. Discreet Unveiling of Engagement: Speculation about Jensen’s engagement to Doughty began when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show wearing a ring on her wedding finger. The discreet nature of their relationship added an element of surprise to the public announcement of their secret wedding.
  7. Second Chance at Happiness: The wedding signifies Ashley Jensen’s journey from grief to joy, offering her a second chance at happiness. Jensen’s friends shared that she barely stopped smiling throughout the day, reflecting the love and warmth present at the celebration.
  8. An Inspiring Love Story: The love story between Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty serves as an inspiration, demonstrating resilience and the healing power of companionship after facing personal trials. Fans and well-wishers celebrate the couple’s newfound happiness and wish them a future filled with love and laughter.

The Wedding Day

Ashley, 54, attended the picturesque ceremony beaming with joy while adorned in an off-white gown embroidered with flowers; she complemented her ensemble with coral platform sandals.

Former Vera star and Jensen’s Love, Lies, And Records co-star Doughty, 48, wore a powder-blue suit complemented by suede loafers. Local photographer Martin Dabek captured the day exquisitely; he described the couple as “extremely fun and laid-back.”

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A Second Chance at Happiness

The love in the room was further emphasized by the fact that Ashley hardly ceased smiling throughout the day, according to her friends.

In particular, Jensen, who suffered the tragic loss of her husband Terence Beesley in 2017, has found solace in the couple’s affectionate bond. Ashley’s union with Kenny Doughty, who has been an unwavering pillar of support in recent years, is the culmination of their mutually enjoyable union.

Love Story Unveiled

The intimate dynamics of Jensen and Doughty’s relationship developed covertly, giving rise to conjecture through public sightings and photographed instances.

In 2017, the two actors co-starred in the BBC drama Love, Lies, And Records, where they formed an off-screen friendship. Following the sighting of Jensen wearing a ring on The Graham Norton Show, which sparked engagement rumors, the wedding was declared.

Memories of Terence Beesley

The nuptials hold profound meaning for Ashley Jensen, as she recently endured the sorrow of losing her 18-year partner, Terence Beesley, in 2017.

At the age of 60, Beesley, renowned for his performances in The Bill and EastEnders, tragically committed suicide. By virtue of the way in which Jensen has recollected this bereavement, the recently discovered happiness she shares with Kenny Doughty is even more significant.

The secret wedding of Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty signifies a moment of elation and rejuvenation subsequent to a period of sorrow.

Their romantic narrative, entangled with professional partnerships and personal adversities, serves as an illustration of fortitude and the therapeutic influence of companionship. The couple is greeted with joy by admirers and sympathizers, who extend their best wishes for a future filled with affection and mirth.

Timeline of Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty’s Relationship

  1. 2017: Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty first met while co-starring in the BBC One drama “Love, Lies and Records,” which aired in 2017.
  2. November 2017: Tragedy strikes as Ashley Jensen’s husband, Terence Beesley, passes away. Jensen and Doughty likely find support in each other during this difficult time.
  3. 2021: Jensen and Doughty are spotted together at various events, sparking speculation about their relationship. They are photographed holding hands during a night out in Bath.
  4. 2022: Ashley Jensen is seen wearing a ring on her wedding finger during an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” prompting engagement rumors.
  5. August 9, 2022: Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty reportedly tie the knot in a secret and emotional ceremony at Priston Mill near Bath, surrounded by close family and friends.
  6. November 2022: Jensen and Doughty make their public debut as a married couple at the Scottish BAFTA Awards, where Ashley proudly displays a diamond engagement ring.

Who is Kenny Doughty?

Kenny Doughty is a British actor whose credits include theater, film, and television. Doughty, who was born in Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, on March 27, 1975, has positioned himself as a multifaceted artist within the entertainment sector. His skill and contributions to the acting profession have earned him recognition for his appearances in a variety of roles spanning multiple genres.

Co-starring with Ashley Jensen in the BBC One drama “Love, Lies and Records,” Doughty has produced a number of noteworthy works. Doughty was wed to English actress and screenwriter Caroline Carver until their separation in 2017, prior to his acting career. In addition to his personal life, Kenny Doughty remains well-known for his screen and stage performances.


  1. Who is Ashley Jensen’s new husband? Ashley Jensen’s new husband is actor Kenny Doughty.
  2. When did Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty get married? Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty secretly tied the knot in August.
  3. How did Ashley Jensen’s first husband pass away? Ashley Jensen’s first husband, Terence Beesley, tragically took his own life in November 2017.
  4. What TV show did Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty co-star in? Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty co-starred in the BBC One drama “Love, Lies and Records.”
  5. How did Ashley Jensen reveal her engagement? Ashley Jensen revealed her engagement by appearing on “The Graham Norton Show” wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger.
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