Trump's VP Contenders Keep Showing Up To Court & Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing

Day after day, a new vice president hopeful enters Donald Trump’s criminal trial and people have taken notice. Online users have gone wild with thoughts about these political figures backing Trump and seemingly vying for the VP position. One person harshly wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Trump is running a loyalty test at the trial each day now. Each candidate that wants his endorsement or potential VP slot has to march into the trial, humiliate themselves, tie themselves to a potential felony criminal. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! JD Vance & Jason Miller were there today.”

The sudden support for Trump from political figures isn’t just receiving attention from the internet, but major news outlets have also had the same thoughts. On “Today,” reporter Peter Alexander told viewers, “Donald Trump’s red wall of possible running mates is now growing. Several of them taking turns at the mic … a show of support and of loyalty amid the former president’s legal troubles.” As VP hopefuls continue to appear in court, it has raised interest in Trump’s decision for the position. However, the public will have to wait a little longer. The former president teased that he could potentially announce his running mate come the Republican National Convention in July. Until then, we might see a couple more VP candidates come through to Trump’s criminal trial.

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