According to ABC News, the triple homicide left the local community in shambles. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds tweeted that she was “horrified” by the murders and was “devastated by the loss of three innocent lives.” The Iowa Department of Natural Resources reiterated this sentiment and released a statement that read, “Our long standing tradition of enjoying Iowa’s natural wonders was shaken today, but the legacy for the millions of families that recreate at Iowa State Parks will continue.” They added, “This heartbreaking incident hits home for the DNR family; not only as people who are passionate about getting folks outside, but as people who regularly camp with our families at these same parks.”

Days after the murder, the Schmidts’ autopsy results were released by The Iowa Department of Public Safety (via another article from ABC News). The Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner concluded that Tyler Schmidt died from a gunshot wound and multiple sharp force injuries. Sarah Schmidt also died from multiple sharp force injuries (per NBC News). Their young daughter, Lula Schmidt, was strangled and shot. All three of their deaths have been ruled homicides.

As for Sherwin, ABC News states that his death has been ruled a suicide. Furthermore, the Iowa Department of Public Safety released a statement that said, “the known facts and circumstances, and all evidence collected to this point, substantiate Sherwin was the perpetrator of the homicides and acted alone.” However, AP News reports that the investigators failed to reveal why Sherwin attacked the family in their tent in the first place.

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