3 signs Clarence Thomas may ‘release the Kraken’ and side with Trump on immunity

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas (YouTube/Library of Congress)

Senate Democrats want the Justice Department to launch a formal criminal investigation into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In a letter dated July 3, and released on Tuesday, Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel over a series of financial ethics scandals that have dogged Thomas for years.

Since 2004, public reporting has documented that Thomas was the top recipient of gifts among his colleagues on the nation’s highest bench. For years thereafter, Thomas stopped disclosing such gifts. In 2011, Thomas’ practice of serially failing to disclose such gifts — along with his wife’s income — was reported on and prompted the justice to amend several years worth of disclosure reports. Then, in 2023, reports about Thomas’ failed gift disclosures cropped up again.

In their letter and attached exhibits, Whitehouse and Wyden document a series of “likely undisclosed gifts and income” dating back to 2003. But, the senators say, there may be far more to find.

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