Ron Goldman's Autopsy Report Has Some Disturbing Details

With no witnesses to the murders, there is still a lot unknown about the events leading to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson’s deaths. However, authorities have been able to determine the cause of death. In an autopsy performed by a Los Angeles coroner, Goldman was reported to have suffered “multiple stab wounds of chest, abdomen, and left thigh.” The restaurant waiter also had “sharp force” wounds on the neck and left side with severe damage to his left internal jugular vein. “This sharp force injury of the neck is fatal, associated with transection of the left internal jugular vein,” the autopsy report read.

In addition to these, Goldman also had defense injuries, presumably sustained while trying to fight off his assailant. “On the palmar surface of the right hand, at the base of the index finger, there is a cutting or incised wound, 3/4 inch length and 1/2 inch deep involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue with hemorrhage in the margins,” another section of the autopsy revealed.

During the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial, which spanned 11 months from November 1994 to October 1995, Los Angeles County coroner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran testified that Goldman might have been trapped in a tight space right before he was killed. “If Mr. Goldman was confronted by the assailant in this confined area, he has no means to escape,” the coroner said in his testimony, as reported by The New York Times. They added that Goldman presumably suffered all his knife wounds in less than one minute.

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