Kimberly Langwell

Beaumont Police in Texas executed a search warrant on a home Monday in connection with the 1999 disappearance of Kimberly Langwell.

According to NBC 6, police said recent leads led detectives to focus on a property in the 1600 block of Lindbergh Drive in Beaumont. It’s part of a renewed effort to uncover evidence related to Langwell’s case, which has remained unresolved for over two decades.

While specific details are not yet available, police expressed optimism that the operation could lead to “significant breakthroughs.”

Langwell was last seen on July 10, 1999, after finishing a shift at a local chemical plant. Police found her car abandoned at the Phelan Shopping Center on Dowlen Road. Police said a phone was left inside her car, but her purse and keys were unaccounted for.

After work, Langwell was to meet her new boyfriend, Ken Weatherford, and her teen daughter for dinner. She clocked out at 5:00 p.m. and called her daughter fifteen minutes later, but never arrived to dinner.

During the call, she mentioned she needed to stop by her ex-boyfriend Terry Rose’s house but would be home by 6:30 p.m., according to Oxygen.

Investigators said that Langwell told her daughter she was going to assist Rose with hanging boards for a remodeling project he was working on at his home.

“Cold Justice,” featuring former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler, aired an episode focused on Langwell’s case in April. She collaborated with Beaumont police and visited the Lindbergh Drive propertyThe pair ended their relationship over six months before she vanished.

Beaumont police said the investigation into Kimberly Langwell’s disappearance is ongoing and classified as a cold case. Over the years, they have pursued numerous leads and conducted searches at multiple sites in their quest for evidence.

The case details are reportedly being presented to a grand jury.

[Feature Photo: Rebecca Langwell/Handout]


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