Prosecutor demands jurist’s recusal from case due to an odd at-home visit where judge ‘obtained personal knowledge’ about man who allegedly shot his own wife and a deputy

Defendant Gregory Guilfoyle appears inset on the left; Judge J. Steven Cox appears inset on the right; in the background is a Franklin County courtroom

Main image: A Franklin County courtroom (Franklin County, Indiana); Inset left: Gregory Guilfoyle (Franklin County Sheriff’s Department); Inset right: Franklin County Judge J. Steven Cox (Facebook)

An Indiana prosecutor wants the judge overseeing a high-profile criminal case to be removed over questions about his impartiality.

Gregory Guilfoyle, 32, is facing a vast array of criminal charges over a late December 2022 shooting and kidnapping — for the second time.

The prosecution previously dropped the charges over a different dispute with the judge. Complaining that the court was forcing both parties to go to trial before they were ready, the state dropped the first suite of charges in February — promising to refile them later on.

On Tuesday, Franklin County Prosecutor Christopher Huerkamp filed 12 charges — including two counts of attempted murder — against Guilfoyle. That same day, the state filed a motion asking Franklin County Circuit Judge J. Steven Cox to recuse or be removed from the case over an odd admission allegedly made by the judge himself.

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